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Would you spend $1,000 on a stroller?

Would you spend $1,000 on a stroller?

A friend’s friend viewed our segment on Breakfast Television and commented on Facebook: “I still struggle with people spending over $1,000 on a bloody stroller… yuppy excess.” I thought that was an interesting comment – and I put the question out to’s Facebook fan page, as well as to our Twitter followers.

Here is what some of you had to say:

“That depends on the quality and expandability etc. Many items are actually under-priced these days, because they are made in completely different economic communities. If a stroller is constructed well, and is reusable, and appropriate for the full range of potential baby development and sizes, I would say $1000 is not outside of reason – most of those higher end strollers maintain most of their value, so they are easy to resell for a decent amount. But of course that does NOT mean that it is affordable!” – Chelsea B.

“I spent close to [$1,000] on mine but I love it – it serves all our needs. It is stylish and quite functional for both of my children since it has the piggy back. If you can afford it the quality is better for sure.” – Anna M.

“A $1000 stroller is way beyond affordable for so many families…. The prob w/ resale is you need the $ in the first place. Why not encourage budget options and minimalist purchasing?” – @kgrindrod (via Twitter)

“I spent close to [$1,000] on my double stroller and couldn’t be happier. As far as I’m concerned, it is my ‘vehicle’ and allows me to get wherever I need to go with my little ones!” – Danika D.

“You can always offset the cost by buying second hand clothes and toys.” – Monique M.

“$700 on a … stroller. Worth every penny in my opinion! They have great re-sale and are so much easier to maneuver.” – @chictocheek (via Twitter)

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“Bought a [stroller] for $500 on craigslist, sold it for $350 (barely used), bought [a higher-end umbrella stroller] for $280…. Higher end strollers have better resale value. Like cars!” – @TheStylishTot (via Twitter)

“We bought the best stroller we could afford … because that’s where we expected our son to spend most of his waking time. Yes, our [stroller] was expensive but we think it’s worth it. You should see the mileage we have on that thing. Yuppie excess? Possibly. All I can say is that we are thrilled with the quality and we’ve been using it for three years. It’s good as new by the time we pass it on. Speaking of cost: I betcha there’s a lot less of this type of stroller in the landfills than others of less quality. Sometimes “cheaper” is not better. If this philosophy is what defines my “yuppie” sentiment, I guess I’m guilty.” – Grace S-M.

Would you purchase a $1,000 stroller?

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  • Looking back at how much I used our strollers (and still do; used daily, pushed up and down Lonsdale Avenue from top to bottom and back again at least 3 or 4 times a week and used for grocery runs, trips to the park and on vacations. Looking at it in hindsight spending $1000 doesn’t seem unreasonable if you have the money. Of course I don’t and didn’t have that kind of cash to spend so I made do with the $200 model and used it until it’s wheels were worn down and it’s fabric began to show mold spots which took almost 4 years.

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