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Elevate Ultimate
Elevate Ultimate
Elevate Ultimate
Elevate Ultimate
Elevate Ultimate
Elevate UltimateElevate UltimateElevate UltimateElevate UltimateElevate Ultimate
Contact Information
4350 dundas street, British Columbia, Canada V5C1B3

Elevate Ultimate is an award winning company, and the leader in Disc Sports (Ultimate frisbee and disc golf) for kids aged 6 – 19. Our aim goes beyond helping an athlete make their school’s A-team or even Team Canada (although we can help with this).

Our mission is to pass on skills and values that will transcend the field, such as sportspersonship, personal accountability, and open-mindedness, through the Sport and Spirit of Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf. We are making better human beings one frisbee at a time.

Elevate coaches are always positive and high – energy. We teach the #FUNdamentals of Ultimate to our Elementary athletes, and refine our High School athletes’ skills and strategy.


Elevate Ultimate was started in 2017 by Ari Nitikman and Danie Proby. They have both represented Team Canada either as an athlete or coach, and love to share their knowledge with kids in Greater Vancouver.

Elevate put frisbees in the hands of over 5,000 youth in 2019 through In-School and After-School programs, and is looking to expand across the Lower Mainland and eventually Canada.

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