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Back to School: Be sure to label these 5 back to school essentials

Back to School: Be sure to label these 5 back to school essentials

You’re probably beginning to organize a few things for school now. Personally, I find I’m standing at the school door and realize that some critical pieces are missing my son’s name. Argh.

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Back to School Countdown: Be sure to label these 5 back to school essentials

Water bottle, and the back-up one

I remember to label the tier one water bottle, it’s the extra one that I forget. You know, the one that is a bit banged up that you throw in when you realize the usual one is missing 30 seconds before you need to leave the house.

Change of clothes, plus more

In the primary grades, they need extra underwear, socks, trousers, and shirt. There’s the first bunch, which I’m sure you’ve diligently labelled. There’s the second pile, which comes into play when your child has fallen into a mud puddle and needed a full change, which you haven’t washed yet. This goes for older children’s gym kit too.

The actual backpack

I don’t know why I never remember to do this, but for some reason I operate under the fallacy that this big thing won’t get lost, or left in the gym, or under the playground equipment. Or on a bus. I know, I know. Give it time.

How to choose a backpack! 

Shoes, outside and inside ones

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With the primary students, they bring shoes for inside time, which I remember to label as they get placed in the backpack. But their outside shoes and boots sit in the cloakroom or hallway getting jumbled together in a pile. Well worth labelling.

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Rain jacket or coat, and the hat

I think I’ve seen four other kids in my son’s grade alone that all have the same MEC rain coat. You know the one, I know you do. There’s a neat little tag inside for their names, which is fine, but it’s tiny. There’s also the myriad of gloves and hats that start their one-way journey to school in about two weeks. I always forgot to label those, and unsurprisingly, they never come home!

Where to get labels!

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