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How to make winter beach visits with the kids a success

How to make winter beach visits with the kids a success

Temperatures may be dropping, but that’s no reason to pack away those plastic shovels and buckets – winter beach visits can be fun too! If there was ever a time to welcome winter beach days, this year has got to be it. Magnificent views and endless exploration, winter beach-time is a win-win activity for kids and adults alike. 

Vancouver offers so many amazing beaches in its core and surrounding areas. Whether you are heading out to Spanish Banks to explore low tides or Iona Beach to watch the airplanes land, here are some tips to make wintertime beaching a success. 

Tips for making winter beach visits with the kids a success

Check the tides. A quick Google will let you know whether you’ll be chasing the waves or the waves will be chasing you! Low tide opens up discovery to lots of little treasures uncovered and also creates a muddy stomping ground to be explored. High tide can be great for walking along the shorebreak or balancing on nearby logs. 

Layer, layer, layer. Proper clothing will make all the difference as with any Vancouver outdoor adventure. You’ll know if your kiddo runs hot or cold, but typically a fitted base layer paired with a fleece, a vest and an insulated waterproof outer layer will do the trick. Toques, gloves, and warm socks will go a long way on a particularly windy or chilly day.   

Pack extra clothes … and even a second set of boots. There’s nothing like that first overzealous jump into the shore break that results in a soaker and threatens to end the morning. With extra socks, mittens and pants packed in your kids can play hard and you can breathe easy. 

Bring your sand toys. There’s plenty to explore at the beach as is, but scooping, sand castle building and sea treasure collecting are always a hit. Imaginations will run wild with a bucket and shovel as you build and create using the earth’s very own best sensory: sand and water.

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Offering hot chocolate (or another favourite warm beverage) is a perfect close to your beach day. Not only will it warm everyone up, it’s a great way to transition to whatever is up next in your day and avoid any leaving drama. Whether you pack a thermos or pick up something delightful along the way, remember to treat yourself too – after all it’s your day too.

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