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David’s Tea: Tea Time on West 4th

David’s Tea: Tea Time on West 4th

I have always been a coffee girl, but my husband can’t stand the stuff. We find some common ground in tea. In the past few years, tea has moved beyond stuffy old-lady tea-rooms and become a little more hip. We have tried out several tea places around town and have always found something to enjoy at each one. But when we discovered David’s Tea in Kitsilano a few months ago, we knew we had found an all-time favourite for family tea time.

The Experience

While the Kits location of David’s Tea does have a few bar stools and a couple of outdoor tables, they are really more of a retail store than a cafe – though you can always order a tea to go. Behind the counter are dozens of large canisters of loose tea of all varieties: green, black, herbal, rooibos, you name it. Each canister has a handy little sample compartment so you can smell whatever tea you might be interested in.

When you’re ready to commit, you purchase the tea by weight. We usually buy 100 grams at a time, and the tea comes in these great little re-usable tins. A custom label is attached to the tin giving you details about the tea and all necessary brewing instructions. Be sure to try a sample of their tea of the day when you visit the store – it’s a great way to be introduced to new tea and to try something a little different. My daughter always enjoys getting her own little cup of the herbal sample of the day.

The Tea

If you have never had loose tea before, you don’t know what you’re missing. So far, I haven’t tried a tea at David’s Tea that I didn’t like. They have a great selection and some really unique flavours. My current favourites are Earl’s Garden (an earl grey tea flavoured with vanilla and berries) and Luscious Watermelon (an herbal that makes an incredible iced tea). They really make tea time a treat.

Tea Time Gadgets

David’s Tea sells some pretty cool gadgets too, from special pitchers for brewing iced tea, to electric milk frother kettles so you can have a fresh tea latte at home. They have programmable kettles that heat the water to a specified temperature and tea infusers of all shapes and sizes. I never get tired of browsing through their shelves and their colourful selection of tea cups and tea pots keeps my daughter’s eyes occupied while we’re trying to decide what tea to order.

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2199 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

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  • try the coffee pu’erh, delicious and great for coffee lovers! love david’s tea – you can also order online for those of us not in kits!

  • I have always been an evening tea drinker, but was always disappointed. I would buy a box of tea from the store and bring it home for one good cup of tea, then it wouldn’t taste the same for the rest of the box…till one day my friend introduced me to David’s Tea. I have about 6 different flavours going right now and every cup is amazing. Sometimes I even mix flavours together. I was unaware of the Kits location, as I live in Surrey. The location that I use is in Giuldford Mall. Not only is the tea great, but the service there is also awesome.

  • My husband loves their pu’erh teas too Jen!

    I had never thought of mixing flavours together…good idea Rachel!

    And Diane, Buttered Rum is one of my favourites too…especially on a rainy day (hopefully we won’t get many of those in the near future!)

  • Been a huge fan of David’s Tea since they opened in Toronto a few years ago. Am so delighted that they opened locations in Vancouver. Always a treat to brew a pot at home.

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