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Brain boosting program helps kids really LEARN

Brain boosting program helps kids really LEARN

Wondering how your child could improve their ability to learn at school, around the house and in life? Perhaps they need a brain boost. But how? Eaton Arrowsmith may have the answer with their Cognitive Enhancement After School Program.

Whether your child struggles at school or is a strong student, they can certainly benefit from this program, which focuses on improving the brain to help kids process ideas more quickly, learn independently, improve peer relations and flourish as learners. And the best part? Kids love it!

How the Cognitive Enhancement Program can help your child.

Learning isn’t just about academics; it’s a continuum of life skills from tying shoelaces to putting away the dishes to reading an old-fashioned analogue clock in younger children. In older kids, reasoning and processing speed challenges can show up in other ways … it can be hard learn to ride a bike or follow dance steps or even understand sarcasm. Reading, writing, spelling and math also involve the ability to make connections and to understand information quickly. Without these strengths, it’s tough for students to make and keep friends, or to get to the next level or achieve the next goal in school. Homework takes much longer than it should, which is a real source of frustration for parents and kids. Improved brain function through a cognitive enhancement program can help with both life skills and academic challenges.

Strong students can benefit too!

You may have a strong student on your hands, but do they have to work twice as hard as their friends? The EA program can help set them apart giving them a brain boost to speed up their understanding, which could mean getting into the high school or university they have dreamed of.

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Real changes in real students!

After enrolling her daughter in the Cognitive Enhancement After School Program, one mother was very surprised to see so many changes in such a short period of time in her child. Here are some of the things she noticed:

  • Her handwriting is more uniform. It’s much easier to read, and now she uses punctuation when writing.
  • She remembers where to put the dishes when she’s unloading the dishwasher. Until now, we’ve had to remind her where the plates and mugs go. Now she just does it all in a flash without any help.
  • For the first time ever she spoke to me about what jobs she might like to do as an adult. She always talks about wishing she never had to grow up, and now she’s starting to imagine what being an adult may be like. I wonder how much of that fear was due to challenges she thought were insurmountable that now seem to be attainable.
  • The biggest change for me is her attitude towards reading. Before the program she would become extremely frustrated and often said she hated it. Now she says “It’s a fun challenge” (these are her exact words), and she’s been picking up novels and working through paragraphs all on her own. It’s still challenging and we still have a lot of work to do together, but now she’s open to it. That alone makes all of the time, cost, and effort worth it, for me.

For more information on the Cognitive Enhancement After School Program, email [email protected] or visit their website.

This post is sponsored by one of our Community Builders, Eaton Arrowsmith

At Eaton Arrowsmith we teach our students a series of exercises to help them strengthen their brains and address the cognitive weaknesses that cause their specific learning difficulties. We operate on the principle of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to be strengthened over time with targeted training. This sets us apart from other learning intervention programs.

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