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VM Picks: Top Summer Camps, a Q&A with Fireside Adventures

VM Picks: Top Summer Camps, a Q&A with Fireside Adventures

Fireside Adventures offers exciting and engaging summer camps for kids and youth. Whether you’re looking for a camp that stimulates their minds or keeps them active, Fireside Adventures has you covered. Check out our VM Picks: Top Vancouver Summer Camps list featuring some of our favorite camps for kids and youth.

We sat down with Fireside Adventures to learn more about their Summer Camps, and here’s what they had to say.

Top Summer Camps in Vancouver: Fireside Adventures

What is the mission and philosophy of your summer camp, and how does it align with Vancouver parents’ needs?

A group of kids that hiked at the top of the mountain for Fireside Adventure Summer Camp

Our mission is: Challenge. Strive. Learn. Youths across the world are suffering from isolation and worsening mental health issues. Fireside helps build resilience and social-emotional wellness in young people by getting them outside, teaching them valuable life and leadership skills, and helping them building community connections.

What sets your camp apart from others in the area?

Through experiential education, we emphasize teaching kids life, leadership, and social skills that build capacity for better relationships with peers, communities, and the natural world. We also focus on climate change education and including Indigenous perspectives and connections in all our programs.

Can you provide an overview of the activities and programs your camp offers during summer camp, and how they contribute to children’s development?

A group of kids doing an outdoor education camp with Fireside Adventures

Fireside offers a wide variety of camps. For younger kids, we offer summer day camps around Vancouver and fun, safe overnight camps in the surrounding area. For older kids and young adults, we offer outdoor adventures ranging from 5-21 days, in places as diverse as the Yukon, Italy, and Japan. All of our camps focus on the outdoors, life skills, and social-emotional learning, while providing the right level of challenge as we meet each kid where they’re at.

Share success stories or testimonials from previous participants and their parents. How have children benefited from your camp?

Kids canoeing with Fireside Adventures Summer Camps

“For the past 3 summers I’ve been attending a leadership camp called Fireside Adventures. I come back to the same camp every summer because I learn to be more mature and more about myself year after year. In the city I don’t have people pushing me to challenge myself to overcome my fears and go beyond what I’m capable of doing. Every summer I’ve spent at Fireside Adventures has been the best times of my life. So come to Fireside Adventures and you won’t regret it!”

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Founded by Jeff Willis in 1991, Fireside Adventures offers transformative outdoor programs for youth, focusing on climate change education and leadership skills.

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