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2012’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 7-12

2012’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 7-12

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Nat Nanton

Earlier this month we asked you to nominate your favourite Vancouver mom blog for our third annual 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers contest. You came through with over 90 nominations. We reviewed them, we visited the blogs, and we’ve made our decisions. This week we’ll be presenting the 2012 Top 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Today we’re happy to share numbers seven through twelve.

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 7-12

Nat Nanton of Nat Nanton

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Nat NantonNat Nanton is the mother of a sweet and spunky toddler, Tiana Jade. Shortly after Tiana’s arrival, she founded, an online boutique that sells her handmade tutus for little girls. She is also the blogger behind, an empowering blog for inspired mothers. When Nat was expecting, amidst the well wishes were words of caution from the “party-crashers”: “your world is about to turn upside down”; “life is no longer about you anymore”; “say ta ta to freedom”. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In less than two years, her daughter has managed to transform her from the inside out. Nat feels that motherhood is a chance to become crystal clear on your passions and beliefs. It is a whole new world of endless possibilities and a lifetime of learning. Supercharged by the love for her daughter, Nat is taking the fast-track to living up to her potential. On her blog, you’ll find tips and tools for moms who are inspired by their kids.

Erin McGann of Erin at Large

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Erin McGannErin McGann is a writer, mum, amateur cellist and keen cook. She’s also working on becoming a capoeirista. Erin is reconnecting with Vancouver as a mum having come back after seven years in London, UK. Besides blogging at Erin at Large and freelance writing, she’s also working on a novel set in turn-of-the-century Vancouver. In her previous life she was a senior editor at a big arts centre writing about classical music, dance, visual arts and literature events, and she says that’s still a big part of who she is. She lives with her husband, son and dog Gus in a small apartment in downtown Vancouver. You can often find her doing endless laundry and walking around purposefully with a little black three-wheeler buggy.

Michelle Gadd of Elasticpantcity

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Michelle GaddElasticpantcity is a Vancouver lifestyle and fashion blog curated by Michelle Gadd, mother of two little boys and lover of all things beautiful. The name of the blog is a play on the word elasticity: the continuum mechanics of bodies, which distort reversibly under stress (pregnancy) or a super hero power (necessary to survive motherhood!). Michelle loves to write with an open and honest view about how motherhood has influenced her life style, from the clothes she wears to the places she hangs out. Conveniently, “city” is also in the title of the blog as Michelle is an urban mommy who loves living and raising her sons in Vancouver! Michelle says, “Motherhood has stretched me, shaped me and influenced my lifestyle.”


Lisa Corriveau of The Sprog

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Lisa CorriveauLisa Corriveau is the East Side Contributor for She is also a mother of one, writer, stilt performer and part-time university student, and she sews baby and mama gear for She loves Belgian beer, chocolate and nearly any kind of cheese. She lives car-free in East Van, with baby, husband, cat and a few bikes. She blogs at The Sprog. She says, “If you need a writer, a baby bandanna bib or a three-metre-tall costumed character to animate your event, drop me a line.”

Eschelle Westwood of Mumfection

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Eschelle WestwoodEschelle Westwood of is a 25-year-old mother to two young rambunctious boys. She says, “I love them dearly and as cruel fate would have it they are exactly like myself and my hubby. Clearly giving us a run for our money on a daily basis.” On top of all of this chaos she runs an in home childcare, just two kiddos on top of her two boys, but it is certainly enough to keep her constantly: cleaning, bending, wiping bums, cleaning more, setting up things, taking down things, trying to wrangle them for activities and all that GREAT stuff. Then of course clean up all over again. All of the kids are under five, so her days are filled with fun, learning and chaos. She has been blogging since April of 2010, learning new things about myself, the world, and power of social media, and meeting some incredible people along the way. She loves to blog about her life and all the things she does, loves, wants, wishes and hopes for. It’s an amazing journey that she hopes to continue for a very long time.

Tairalyn Ciulla of Little Miss Mama

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Tairalyn CiullaI am a lover of all things pretty, sparkling and out of my budget…
I shop all too often considering how much I hate getting mail from my friend Mastercard.
I sip from fine china that is far older than the Queen.
I daydream of a closet filled with Chanel.
If that all wasn’t enough to blow one’s mind and bank account, I am a brand new mother of a baby girl, who at four months prefers gazing at my wedding ring rather than her plush toys. I’ve created a monster! I just know it.

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