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2012’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 25-30

2012’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 25-30

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogs Catherine Jackson

Earlier this month we asked you to nominate your favourite Vancouver mom blog for our third annual 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers contest. You came through with over 90 nominations. We reviewed them, we visited the blogs, and we’ve made our decisions. This week we’ll be presenting the 2012 Top 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Today we’re happy to share our final six honourees.

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 25-30

Brandee Foster of One Crazy Kid

I am a 30-something wife to a great guy and mum to a very active three and a half year old who keeps me running from the time he gets up to the time he goes to sleep. In in the daytime, I am a full time crime fighter, and I started One Crazy Kid as a way to have a chance to write about fun things in our lives. I wanted to be able to share our stories, and adventures, and through this I remembered that I actually like to write, and that it’s not just my job. I am also very passionate about pole fitness, and the things that I have learned about myself while doing it, and I like to chronicle my journey and challenges there as well. This blog is part of how I am trying to find a balance between my career, my family, and not losing who I am as a person. Becoming a mum was one of the most fantastic but challenging things I have ever done, and sometimes I like to put things out there in the hopes that I am not alone. I like to laugh, talk, and find the unexpected joys in life with my husband and my crazy kid.

Hillary Westover of Hillary with two L’s 

Hillary (with 2 L’s please) lives in Port Moody with her rockstar husband, sweet baby Grady, and two monster pups. Her life is never quiet (and she wouldn’t have it any other way). Her day job involves wrangling numbers but she dreams of the day that one of her passions pays the bills. This year marks her fifth year of personal blogging, four years on Twitter, two years writing for Style Lush, one year of motherhood, and (deep breath) thirty years on this planet. She believes the book is always better than the movie, dessert isn’t meant to be shared (unless it’s your dessert), and a hot cup of tea can fix just about anything. She also believes that a day without cheese is a very sad day, indeed.

Ella Pedersen of Little Red Caboose

Ella Pedersen spends her days hunting, gathering, puttering and playing alongside her two sweet boys. In the ‘hood, ocean side, through the forest, at various farms… Her life at a glimpse is captured and shared in photographs and words at Little Red Caboose, where she has been blogging since April 2007. She also creates wool felt crowns, children’s clothing and buntings (among other gorgeous handcrafted treasures) for her Etsy shop.

Beata Basik of rose hip

I live in Vancouver with my amazing husband and four wonderful girls between the ages of 10 and 16. Prior to having children, I worked as a civil engineer, but upon the birth of my first daughter I decided to stay home, and I started to rediscover my creative side. I fondly remember being around fabric as a child as my grandmother was a seamstress, so I felt drawn to collecting fabric, new and especially vintage, and playing around with it on a sewing machine. About ten years ago I started to sell items I designed and sewed at a local farmers’ market. The idea was that I would use up my ever-growing fabric collection; however, to the distress of my family, my collection is still growing! Four years after becoming a market vendor, I discovered blogging and started rose hip, where I feature my latest creations, my new passion for crochet, my love for gardening and my family’s adventures building a lakeside cottage on the Sunshine Coast. I also have an Etsy shop, and share my photos on Flickr. Blogging has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people who share similar interests and has led me to unexpected and exciting moments, like seeing my little creations in magazines and books! Oh, and no, I never went back to my civil engineering career…

Catherine Jackson of the EarnestGirl Chronicles

Catherine Jackson is a writer and mother living in Vancouver. Catherine’s passion for telling women’s stories was forged in the theatre and resurfaced online where she has been a featured blogger for YummyMummyClub as EarnestGirl. The EarnestGirl Chronicles have been called “a highbrow take on life as a modern Mom” but began as a way to simply gather the loose ends of the many motherhood conversations that never quite get finished or fully represented. Catherine’s writing has been syndicated, featured at CanadaMomsBlog and appeared elsewhere online. Offline, she most recently won a motherhood memoir contest for ParentsCanada magazine in partnership with The Momoir Project. Catherine executed a deep and grateful curtsey when she heard the news about being nominated a Top Vancouver Mom Blogger.

Susan Villecroze of Just Mommying Around

Susan is a part time stay-at-home mom (SAHM) to her sweet three year old boy and part time work-at-home mom (WAHM) as a User Experience Designer for Math I Can Do. In her spare time, she enjoys documenting motherhood and parenting over at Just Mommying Around, as well as and cooking and blogging about that over at Swoon For Food. When she became a mother, she took countless pictures of her son. Now, you will often find her taking pictures of food. Susan also loves long distance running. If you ever see a couple running with a jogging stroller underneath the SkyTrain on the weekend, that would likely be her, her husband, and their son. Traveling is also a favorite activity, and at 18 months old her son travelled to France to visit the French side of the family. So far motherhood has been very sweet for her. She feels very fortunate to be living life as both a SAHM and WAHM because it allows her to do so much without feeling the guilt. If there is such a thing as work-life balance, she feels like she is achieving it.

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