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2012’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 1-6

2012’s Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 1-6

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Melissa Carr

Earlier this month we asked you to nominate your favourite Vancouver mom blog for our third annual 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers contest. You came through with over 90 nominations. We reviewed them, we visited the blogs, and we’ve made our decisions. This week we’ll be presenting the 2012 Top 30 Fabulous Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Today we’re happy to share our first six.

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 1-6

Bianca Bujan of Bits of Bee

2012 30 Fabulous Vancouver Mom Bloggers Bianca BujanBianca Bujan is a foodie, blogger, shopaholic, and arts enthusiast. She works as a marketing and sponsorship manager for a local professional sports team by day, and spends her evenings and weekends catching up on quality time with her loving husband, two beautiful children, and Dalmatian. In need of a creative outlet, she started her blog Bits of Bee in July 2011. Through her posts, she shares advice, quotes and anecdotes on her life as a career mommy of two, with interwoven stories about her life as an adoptee. She chose the name because each post represents only a tidbit of the person that she is as a whole. Her ideal weekend is spent enjoying the outdoors with her family, with lots of snacks and a fully-charged camera.


Michele Partridge of GreenKick

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Michele PartridgeMichele Partridge is a mom, wife, blogger, and entrepreneur. She founded and co-founded several theatre companies, acting schools, film productions and websites. She has also been a Board member for Women in Film in Vancouver, a judge for the Vancouver Leos (B.C.’s “Oscars”) and spoken on panels for filmmaking, networking, building small businesses and public speaking. She also taught acting for 14 years and was part of the video game production team who created the Sims video game series. She has always been a mentor to young entrepreneurs. Feeling the need to help our planet in some way, Michele became a Norwex consultant in 2009 and is now an Executive Sales Leader. Wanting to do even more for our planet, in April of this year, Michele started GreenKick, filled with tips on living a green lifestyle, showing it’s easy and affordable to go green. Michele is thrilled to be nominated as a Vancouver mom blogger!

Taslim Jaffer of Let ME Out!!

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Taslim JafferA creative life coach, author, speaker and mom of two beautiful souls, Taslim is passionate about her work in helping others live an authentic life. When her daughter was born five years ago, she remembered what had been missing from her life: passion and creativity! Over the next few years, as Taslim returned to her love of writing and added more ME time plus a son to the picture, she met countless others who could relate to her story. This revelation spurred her blog, Let ME Out!! Releasing Your Creative Self, where she provides insightful posts, creativity tasks and writing prompts. She’s been published in various publications, including Heartmind Wisdom and South Asian Woman Magazine. You can also catch her hanging out at an art gallery or a coffee shop reading her poetry with Pandora’s Collective – a local nonprofit organization for which she fundraises. Her children are the reason she was inspired to be the best she can be. After all, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Melissa Carr of The Thirties Grind

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Melissa CarrI am a 34 year old working mom who was born and raised in Vancouver – a city I love but (due to poor weather patterns and absurd real estate prices) sometimes have disdain for. My passions are my kids, writing, real estate and food (…I count wine as a food group!). I have a wonderfully creative daughter (Cait, five), an affectionate and vibrant son (Asher, three), and an amazingly supportive husband (Dave). We live in the Main Street neighbourhood with our dog, Myo. Life in your thirties is a grind. It was not until recently that I realized most of us in our thirties are in the same boat…a boat that almost always feels like it is slowly sinking! We have debts, kids, mortgages…responsibilities!! This is the stage we all thought about when we were young as the time when we would “have it all figured out.” Well, guess what? We don’t! Times are tough, money is tight and the day to day often feels like an uphill climb. But, there are the little things that seem to make it all worth it! Things like owning your first (run down, fixer upper) home and welcoming little ones into your (crazy) world. All sarcasm aside the grind is worth it. Isn’t it?

Amy Lee of The Connection We Share

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Amy LeeAmy Lee forgets things easily. She wants to remember all the cute things her toddler daughter does so she writes to her and they take lots of pictures together. With these letters and photographs, her daughter will always know she is loved, cherished and that she matters. Amy wants all children to know this. She created The Connection We Share, which helps mothers create tangible expressions of love by combining photography with letters they write to their children. Through it, she creates a space for you to be present. For you and your children to really see and love each other, just the way you are. To give you photographic doors to your memories and emotions. These images are a tangible expression of your love. The experience is nourishment for your souls when the moments have passed.

Katie Smith of World by Smith

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers Katie SmithI am a twenty something mama who is living life in the city with my creative genius husband and two brilliant kids. William is four going on 14 and Rowan Elizabeth is my sweet ‘lil bits’ who is a miracle all her own. I’ve always been a career girl and yet it is the juggle of life’s sweet intricacies that I am really embracing. As a family we live in Canada’s most beautiful city, Vancouver and we looove the adventure that awaits outside our front door (wait, who am I kidding…we live in an apartment, our front door leads to the hallway!) Life is exciting, complex and expensive! So, I live it and talk about it with a lot of heart. I hope than when you read World by Smith you can hear me talking…so much so, that it feels like it’s just us, over coffee, doing life and hopefully HOPEFULLY having a really good laugh.

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