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In the News: How to raise feminist kids

In the News: How to raise feminist kids

May 7, 2018: Crisp Media / Vancouver Mom CEO Christine Pilkington was on Global News discussing ways to raise feminist kids, both boys and girls. With recent movements in North America including #MeToo and #Timesup, parents are wondering how to talk to their kids about equality.

Some Tips

  • Model equality as a couple and as a family.
  • Point out instances of inequality when you see them.
  • Discuss your privilege (and other things you noticed throughout the day) at the dinner table.
  • Pay attention to the media, in particular ads directed at women’s beauty.
  • Discuss stereotypes of boys, girls, men and women.
  • Watch your words – (Dad’s don’t cook / boys don’t cry )
  • Talking about bodies (avoid body shaming – just don’t)
  • Let kids wear what they want.
  • Underscore that who they are on the inside is the most important thing.

Check it! 

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