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Vancouver Mom is a trusted source for great local activities, hot spots and getaways for urban moms and families. We’ve been interviewed on CTV, CBC, Global News, CBC Radio, and News1130.

2020 Media Coverage

July 2020: CBC Radio: Summer camps

March 11 2020: CTV Morning Live: Five Spring Break activities for the Family

March 1 2020: CBC Vancouver: The burden Spring Break places on parents

February 14 2020: CTV Morning Live, Five Family Day Activities

2019 Media Coverage

December 16 2019: CTV Morning Live: Clever Ways to Save Time This Holiday Season

December 3 2019: 6 Free Family Holiday Events

Aug 30 2019: CTV Morning Live: 5 Labour Day Long Weekend Events

Aug 29 2019: Breakfast Television: Big Food for Big Day

Aug 28 2019: CBC Radio, BC Today: Making the most of your final days of summer.

August 2 2019: CTV Morning Live: Free August Long Weekend Events

July 25 2019: CTV Morning Live: Summer Evening Activities

July 8 2019: CBC Radio BC Today: Summer Fun for the Kids

July 5 2019: CTV Morning Live: Summer Bucket List

June 28 2019: CTV Morning Live: 5 Canada Day Events

June 26 2019: CBC Radio with Stephen Quinn, Summer is the Challenge all parents face.

June 14 2019: CTV Morning Live: Father’s Day Activities 

June 3, 2019: CTV Morning Live: Preparing your Child for Overnight Summer Camp

May 8, 2019: CTV Morning Live: Five Mother’s Day Activities

May 4, 2019; CBC Our Vancouver: Five Summer Camps

April 10, 2019: CTV Morning Live: Summer Camp Ideas

March 18, 2019: CTV Morning Live: Things to do this Spring Break with the Family

January 3, 2019: CBC Radio, BC Today: Family New Year’s resolutions

2018 Media Coverage

December 31, 2018 CTV Morning Live: 5 family friendly New Year’s Eve events in Vancouver

December 13, 2018 CTV Morning Live: Top 5 holiday light displays for families

October 8, 2018 CTV News: Thanksgiving Day family activities

Sept 6, 2018: CBC Vancouver: What to do to prevent over-programming your kids

Sept 3, 2018: CTV Morning Live: Fun things to do on the final day of summer

August 3, 2018: CTV Morning Live: What to do on the August Long Weekend

July 17, 2018: Global TV: What to pack for your trip to the outdoor swimming pool

June 25, 2018: CBC TV: Summer activities for the kids

May 21, 2018: CTV Morning Live: What to do on Victoria Day!

May 15, 2018: CTV Morning Live: Top summer camps for kids

May 8, 2018: CBC Early Edition: Keeping the kids busy over the summer holidays

May 7, 2018: Global Noon News: How to raise feminist kids

May 7, 2018: CTV Morning Live: Mom and me Mother’s Day events

April 9, 2018: Global Noon News: Summer camp 2018 preview

April 2, 2018: CTV Morning Live: Family fun on Easter Monday

March 19, 2018: CTV Morning Live:  Free family Spring Break activities

March 14, 2018: CTV Morning Live:  Last minute Spring Break camps

March 12, 2018: Global Noon News: Five ideas for Spring Break family fun

February 19, 2018: Global Noon News: Five 2018 Spring Break camps for kids

January 15, 2018: Global Noon News:  Family goals for 2018

2107 Media Coverage

December 20, 2017: CTV Morning Live: What’s open on Christmas Day

December 11, 2017:  Global Noon News: Ways to give back with the kids this Christmas

November 22, 2017: CTV Morning Live: Six family friendly Christmas activities 

November 7, 2017: Global Noon News: Five indoor play spaces for wet weather

October 16, 2017: Global Noon News: Halloween costume ideas for the kids

September 11, 2017: Global Noon News: How to teach your kids to be independent

September 4, 2017: CTV Morning Live: Labour Day fun for the family

August 28, 2017: Global News: Back to school checklist! 

August 21, 2017: Global News: Talking to your kids about race and racism

July 19, 2017: CTV News: Best beaches!

July 17, 2017: Global Noon News: How to make the most out of your summer

June 28, 2017: CTV Morning Live:  Canada Day 150 events for the whole family!

June 26, 2017: Global Noon News: Summer fun for the family!

May 8, 2017: Global Noon News: Five unique summer camps for kids

May 1, 2017: CTV Morning Live: Top summer camps for kids

April 14, 2017: CTV Morning Live: Top family easter activities

April 10, 2017: Global TV: Talking to your kids about the environment during Earth Month

March 13, 2017: CTV Morning Live: Spring Break fun! 

March 6, 2017: Breakfast Television: Spring Break Camp Ideas!

March 6, 2017: Global TV: Five family Spring Break activities

February 20, 2017: Global TV: Top Five March Break Camps

January 16, 2017: Global News: Top 5 Ways to Play with your Kids this Winter

2016 Media Coverage

November 21, 2016: Global News Holiday Craft Fairs

October 24, 2016: Global News The Best Halloween Events in Vancouver 

September 26: Global Noon News Six Tips to Help Parents Win the Evening Routine with Kids

September 26: Breakfast Television Top 3 tips to help parents own the morning

September 21: Roundhouse Radio Tara Teng on Leading Moms

September 14: Global Noon News School photo hacks

September 8: Global Noon News Snack hacks

August 31: Roundhouse Radio Elaine Tan Comeau on Leading Moms

August 31: Global Noon News School lunch hacks

August 29: Global News How to ease your child’s back-to-school anxiety

August 24, 2016  Global News School supplies hacks

August 8, 2016: Global News at Noon: How to make the most of August

July 20, 2016: Roundhouse Radio: Ice cream spots and day trip ideas

June 13, 2016: Global News: How to eat out with kids at grown-up restaurants

May 27, 2016: Roundhouse Radio: Tips for family outings to restaurants and more

April 26, 2016: Roundhouse Radio: Moms Returning to Work

April 25, 2016: Global Noon News: Kids’ Summer Camps

April 21, 2016: Breakfast TV: Summer Camp Ideas

March 16, 2016: CTV Morning News: Spring Break Ideas

March 11, 2016: Global Morning News: Spring Break Activities

March 8, 2016: Breakfast TV: March Break Activities

March 4, 2016, Roundhouse Radio: The Importance of the Arts for Kids

Feb 5, 2016: CTV:  Family Day Excursions

Feb 1, 2016: Global News: Pro-D Day Activities and Ideas 

Jan 26, 2016: Global News: Family Literacy Day: Reading Tips

Jan 5, 2016: Global News: Winter Survival Guide

2015 Coverage

Dec 27, 2015: CTV: New Year’s Eve Activities

Dec 14, 2015: Global News: Free Family Holiday Fun! 

Dec 12, 2015: CFOX: Best Mall Santa

Nov 9, 2015: Global news: Family Photography

Oct 26: Global News: Preparing to leave your child at home alone 

Aug 31st: CTV News — Backpack Essentials

Aug 24th: Global News — Preparing for Kindergarten!

Aug 1st: CTV News — Five Family Friendly Beaches!`

August, 2015: fnSpotlight Vancouver: First Ask, How Can I Help?

July 27th: News 1130 — Are the kids bored? Things to do around town!

July 27th: Global TV News — How to be water wise with kids

July 16th: CTV News — Top spots to keep up kids’ summer spirits

July 1st: Global TV News — Family getaways and day trips

June 24th: CTV News — Fun and affordable summer activities

June 22nd, 2015: CBC Radio, Early Edition

May 6, 2015: Mother’s Day Tribute to Christine Pilkington

April 22nd, 2015 Global News: How to Choose a Summer Camp

February 6th, 2015: Five Apps for BC Family Day Planning

August 29th, 2011, Breakfast Television: Lunch Box Trends

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