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Enter the Kitchen Hacks Challenge to win cash prizes and support the Food Bank

Enter the Kitchen Hacks Challenge to win cash prizes and support the Food Bank

  • Share your meal hack, tip or trick for a chance to win
  • Create a 60-second (or less) video showing your hack.
  • Enter between April 22 and noon on May 22, 2020

Going out for family brunch and date night sushi are suddenly a thing of the past. With restaurants closed for table service due to COVID-19, we are all eating at home a lot! On the upside, we’re experimenting with new recipes, getting the kids involved and eating together. On the downside, it’s a lot of meal prep day in and day out. We’re guessing you have some tried and true short cuts. Why not share? You could win a cash prizes, help your fellow mom, and support the food bank.

Enter the Kitchen Hacks video contest from Better Together, by sharing a super short one-minute) video of your favourite time-saving meal hack. You could win up to $1000, and no matter what, your entry will help support the Food Bank.

Kitchen Hacks Contest from Better Together

This is a fun, simple challenge you can do with your kids at home. Nothing fancy is required — just share your hack, and why it works for your family. 

So, what’s a hack? A hack is any tip or trick that helps you make a family meal happen in your home. It could be your favourite go-to recipe or ‘prep-cipe’ (a recipe with a partially pre-prepped element) or a tip or trick that makes it easier for your family to sit down and eat together. 

Kitchen Hacks Challenge from Better Together

How to enter the Kitchen Hacks contest

This contest is designed to inspire kids, teens and adults to discover the benefits of cooking and eating together by sharing their favourite kitchen hack for the chance to win cash prizes.

It’s SO easy to enter:

  1. Share a short video showing your best family meal hack (anything from a go-to recipe or time-saving trick!).⁠⠀
  2. Make sure to keep the video under 60 seconds.
  3. Upload your video to the contest page:

The contest runs from April 22nd to May 22nd at noon and is open to BC residents.

The Prize

A grand prize of $1,000 cash will go to the winning submission, and a People’s Choice award of $500 cash will go to the fan favourite. BC dairy farmers will match both amounts in donations to Food Banks BC in support of COVID-19 relief efforts.  

The contest aims to bring awareness to the importance and lifelong benefits of sharing family meals, while also supporting BC families that are facing added hardship accessing food during the pandemic.

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Full contest rules >>

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Better Together

Better Together is an active online community forum, designed to celebrate family meals, cooking and trying new recipes. We exist because eating together, whether as a family or otherwise, offers many health and social benefits for both children and adults—including better nutrition, school performance and social adjustment. Follow them on Instagram: @bettertogetherbc & Facebook: bettertogetherbc #KitchenHacks2020 

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