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Favourite Things: Ina Finkbeiner of My Little Mousie

Favourite Things: Ina Finkbeiner of My Little Mousie

Favourite Things - Ina Finkbeiner of My Little Mousie

Favourite Things - Ina Finkbeiner of My Little Mousie

Ina Finkbeiner was born in Germany. After graduating she worked as an accountant in Germany until 2007, but it never really grew on her. So along with her husband and she decided to start a little adventure and moved to Vancouver. They only planned to stay for a little while but they fell in love and couldn’t leave. In 2010 her biggest adventure Anna was born, and she started looking for baby and kids toys. Her favourites were sold by the German brand sigikid, and she came up with the idea of importing their products to Canada. In response, she recently launched her online store, My Little Mousie. We caught up with Ina recently to chat about some of her favourite things for herself, her business and her family.

What are your favourite things for your kids?

I enjoy baking pear muffins for my daughter (her favourite things). I enjoy watching her when she eats them even more.

What’s your favourite thing for you?

Hot yoga in the morning. It feels nice to be in the moment and focus only on yourself for a while.

What’s your favourite thing for work?

Having the satisfaction of really finishing something.

What’s your favourite place in Vancouver?

Stanley Park, because it’s so unique, and you can do so many great things there all year round.

What’s your favourite birthday gift idea?

My husband had my favourite birthday gift idea: he took me sky diving!

What’s your favourite Vancouver restaurant?

Bishop’s in Kitsilano. I love their fish dishes and it’s perfect for a romantic date night!

What’s your favourite kids’ book?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was my favourite when I was little, and now it’s my daughter’s! We even got her the caterpillar stuffed toy.

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