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Online grocery shopping: 5 reasons you should give it a try

Online grocery shopping: 5 reasons you should give it a try


Grocery shopping. It’s got to be done, but does anyone really enjoy it?  Let’s face it – walking up and down aisle after aisle while wrangling little ones, hauling everything out to the car and then into the house, and then having to put it all away too? Not exactly the things dreams are made of.

Well, what if you could do all of your grocery shopping in the comfort of your own home while your little ones slept? Seriously. Throw your pajamas on, brew a cuppa, and order your groceries online.

Why? Here are 5 benefits to grocery shopping online.

1. Save Money

You know how you go to the grocery store with a reasonably sized list of needed items and then come home with a bazillion more?  Ya, me too. Wandering up and down the aisles of a grocery store can be dangerous.  Grabbing an extra item here or there because it looks totally delish soon equals an overflowing cart and a bill well beyond your budget.  Shopping online helps keeps me focused.  I find the items I need,  checkout without the temptation being in-store brings, and save myself a bunch of cash. Win!

2.  Track Spending

Speaking of money, there’s nothing worse than getting to the cash register, expecting your groceries to cost a certain amount, and then having them costing $100 more!  What I like about shopping online is that I can track my spending as I shop.  Your total is displayed right there on the screen and is automatically updated as you add things to your virtual cart, so no surprises.  And if you finish your shopping and realize you’ve blown your weekly grocery budget?  Simply remove a couple of the pricier non-essential items and you’re good to go.

3.  Easily Shop Sales

Admittedly, I’m not much of a flyer reader / coupon user, but if I were, I think finding and collecting all of the advertised items I wanted to purchase would take a significant amount of effort and time.  Shopping sales from your couch, however?  Easy peasy!  Just click on ‘specials’ and everything that’s on sale at that particular time pops up like magic.  I especially like this feature for stocking up on non-perishable staples that we use week after week – may as well take advantage of a great deal while you can!

4.  Increase Efficiency

How many times have you walked up and down aisles again and again in search of that particular ingredient required to make that amazing-looking play dough recipe or that time-saving crockpot meal?  Too many, I’m guessing.  That, or the recipe gets ditched all together because you simply can’t spend another moment in search of whatever it is. {Been there, done that.}  When shopping online, you can use the search function and quite literally find what you’re looking for with the touch of a button.  Efficiency at its finest.

5.  Save Time

Shopping more efficiently equals saving time…  Simple as that.  Now also factor in not having to deal with traffic, parking, and cashier line-ups and you’ve cut the time you usually spend grocery shopping in half {at least}.  Tell me which mama doesn’t wish she had more time on her hands!

It almost seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Instead of heading to the grocery store next time, shop Save On Foods Online and have your groceries delivered to your home the next day or swing by and have them brought to your car on the way home from work or school pick-up.  You won’t be sorry.


This post was sponsored by Save-On-Foods. Save-On is a great place to start for any meal. The best part is now you can shop online to save time, plan meals ahead of time, and easily stick to healthier options for your family. You’ll find everything you need there for healthy and delicious school day snacks. 

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