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How to make the ultimate grocery list for a last-minute family camping trip

How to make the ultimate grocery list for a last-minute family camping trip

Coffee. Essential. Obvs.

At the end of summer and early fall, it feels really good to enjoy the last of the temperate weather by sleeping under the stars, stoking a campfire, and getting some quality time with the fam. Bonus is that last-minute camping is budget friendly and Vancouver has a ton of spectacular nearby options for quick getaways.

The trick to last-minute camping is having grab-and-go gear, a good shopping list ready, and your grocery shopping done. Here are some helpful ideas for your weekend camping shopping list with a few meal ideas thrown in for inspiration. Along with all the basics/essentials like coffee, tin foil, bread, and eggs, remember that the three cardinal rules for camping cuisine are: easy to pack, easy to prepare, easy to clean up.

camping food
Camping meals can be some of the best food you’ve ever tasted

Quick grab & go food

• Quick-cooking oatmeal
• Trail mix
• Hot chocolate
• Good quality jerky
• Dried fruits and coconut or apple chips
• Protein/health bars like Kind, Quest and other faves

camping coffee
Set a grill over the fire and you’re all set for camp cuisine. Don’t forget the tin foil!

Easy & tasty meal ideas

Breakfast: Breakfast burritos with eggs, salsa and tortillas, plus fresh fruit
Lunch: Quick & easy sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit
Dinner: Grilled sausages or chicken with veggie foil pockets (potatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms are YUM)
Dessert: S’MORES #duh

camping smores
S’mores. You know you want one.

Oh, and don’t forget WATER! Pick up a few gallon jugs because it’s not only
for drinking–it’s for cooking, rinsing dishes, and brushing your teeth.

Shop online at Save-On Foods the week before and have it delivered to your home the day before camping. How easy is that? It’s also easy just to google grocery store locations near the area you’re camping and pick up food supplies before you head into the wild.

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This post was sponsored by Save-On-Foods. Save-On is a great place to start for any meal. The best part is now you can shop online to save time, plan meals ahead of time, and easily stick to healthier options for your family. You’ll find everything you need there for healthy and delicious camping meals.

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