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OneSpace for All, a new community spot for working Moms – you can go with your kids!

OneSpace for All, a new community spot for working Moms – you can go with your kids!

I got the chance to spend some time at OneSpace, a new co-working space in East Vancouver, complete with childminding and a workout zone. I’m actually writing my first draft of this post right now at a cozy corner desk with sunlight coming in the window, and I can hear the faint footsteps of my daughter and another kid running on the mezzanine above. 

OneSpace is an incredibly calming environment and well set up with pandemic procedures. Desks are spaced out, which is great for privacy, quiet and safety, everyone is masked, and there are hand and desk sanitizing options at every turn. I wasn’t sure if I would get anything accomplished during my visit as I brought my 21-month-old toddler with me, who is notorious for disrupting productivity, so I’m pleasantly surprised to be typing away and getting things done!  

What they offer at One Space

Fun for Littles 

The childminding room is light, bright, clean and inviting. After the mandatory hand wash my daughter made herself right at home (which obviously shook my mom-fidence and made me wonder if she doesn’t love me) but I got over it when I realized I would have the time to write this post! She was quickly engaged in a puzzle and I was free to go and be with my laptop. 

OneSpace is owned and operated by four local Moms who were inspired to fill a demand they felt within their families and the community. They designed a space that met their personal and professional needs as parents and entrepreneurs, to benefit themselves and others like them. The space offers flexible, play-based child and baby-minding, desk space, a conference room, quiet room, and lounge area. There’s also an outdoor (enclosed) rooftop gym with a spin bike and free weights. 

Productivity for Mom

The desk set up has everything you need to feel like a productive human – strong Wi-Fi, plugs and a clean, calm kid-free space to focus. The rooftop workout area has a very New York feel. The downtown views are awesome, the breeze was energizing, and the workout equipment looked inviting. There is also a nanny-cam style screen that allows parents to peek into the childminding room and see what the kids are up to. I found this comforting and admittedly checked a few times.

Victoria Koby is one of the founders and the Director of Operations at OneSpace and shared that the goal of the space is flexibility and accessibility for working parents. As we know all too well, childcare is hard to come by in Vancouver, let alone flexible childcare that suits each unique professional situation. From what I could see, OneSpace had it covered – kids are well looked after and parents can get what they need accomplished using only the hours they’ve booked in for, on each individual schedule.  


While the space is highly professional, there was something nice about being with other Moms. At one point, we heard some faint crying, and three of us got up and went to the screen, analyzing which kid was upset and why. It was a supportive vibe that I could get used to. It was evident from the few chats I had there, I was surrounded by passionate Moms working hard for themselves while fiercely loving their children and, like me, trying to figure out how to make that all work together. 

Membership to OneSpace is available from $7.50/month and then bookings are required with several packages to suit various requirements.

The space is located at 1187 Odlum Drive, East Vancouver. Childminding is available Monday-Friday 8:30am – 12:30pm/ 2pm – 5pm, and Saturday 9am – 12pm.

Visit for details.

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