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Dressing Your Kids Without Breaking the Bank: Part 1

Dressing Your Kids Without Breaking the Bank: Part 1

Guest post by Emilie Sarkissian

As moms, we know that kids grow so quickly that you need to update their wardrobe every six months or so–an expensive proposition. Luckily, there are many ways to spend less on baby and kids clothing while still keeping your standards high. Here are five tips to get quality and fashionable children clothes without having to pay full price.

Buy a deal when it’s available

Usually, When you go shopping, you have something specific in mind (such as a new pair of pants in size 2Y). Of course, it’s usually when you’re looking for that one thing that you can’t find it. Instead, you see a super cute T-shirt size 3Y from that brand you love and it’s 50 per cent off but it’s not the right size so you put it back regretfully. Well guess what? You’ll be looking for it in a few months and it will be gone. Instead, change the way you shop and think long-term.

Just be wise and don’t be tempted by something you really don’t, and won’t, need.

Buy end-of-season products

January and September are the best months for sales. If you go to any store, you will find lots of products over 50 per cent off. Remember to keep the season in mind and think of how long your kid will be able to wear it. It could mean buying clothes from one year for the next year.

One store worth checking during the sales is Dandelion Kids. They have a store in East Vancouver and in Port Moody and sell beautiful European and North American brands up to 50 per cent off during the sale season. Some online stores are also specialized in end-of-season products. Check out and for some great North American and European brands.

Shop online

Many online stores have an ongoing sale section where you’ll find great deals. Some designers sell their own products online and, again, you’ll usually find lots of choices and great deals at the end of a season. Sometimes it might even be worth ordering outside of Canada and paying extra shipping and duties. Log on to your favourite brand or store’s website to check if they sell online. Once you’re familiar with the brands you like, try checking out Ebay.

Shop second-hand stores

Buying second-hand is probably your best bet to save on clothing. Some people would rather buy cheap new clothes just because it’s new, but you won’t get the same quality and style that you would with higher-end pre-worn clothing.

The fun thing with second-hand stores is that they receive new products all the time. Going there can be very exciting, just like treasure-hunting, and whatever you find will truly be unique. Keep in mind that it’s important to be able to distinguish the quality pieces, something that comes with experience. After awhile, you’ll be able to tell which brands you like and the search for them will get even more exciting. Buying second-hand is also a way to reduce waste and live green.

Here are a few stores where you will be able to find high quality pre-loved children clothing:

  • MacGillycuddy’s For Little People, 4881 MacKenzie Street, Vancouver
  • Classy Kids Consignment, 3712 10th Avenue West, Vancouver
  • Apricot Culotte online store (French brands exclusively),, online with local Vancouver pick-up
  • Cocoro Kids Boutique (online store),

Watch for online flash sales

Online flash sales are a great way to get your hands on some end of season clothing at a really good price. These websites organize sales that last for two or three days and products are usually sold for 40 to 70 per cent off their retail value.

The concept started in Europe and has widely spread in the United States. Some flash sales websites have also started in Canada, such as and You will find some kids’ brands now and then, but also some great women’s fashion. Keep in mind that some US websites also ship to Canada, including,,, and

Some flash sale websites also specialize in kids’ products, but most of them do not ship to Canada (one that does is

Emilie Sarkissian has a background in fashion and is a self-proclaimed shopaholic and bargain hunter. She recently launched the online store specializing in affordable baby clothing with second-hand directly imported from France.

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