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Nurture Your Relationship on a Bowen Island Retreat

Nurture Your Relationship on a Bowen Island Retreat

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One of the most difficult things about raising a family is finding time to nurture your relationship with your partner. As parents we spend our days working and find time with our partners at the end of busy days, or on infrequent date nights. Going on a retreat is one way of making your relationship a priority. Getting away from the demands of your everyday life is a great way to renew and re-energize as a couple, and visiting Xenia Retreat Centre for a Bowen Island retreat is a perfect way to do just that.

Island Life in Metro Vancouver

Bowen Island is the ideal getaway for people who love nature but don’t want to travel a long way from Vancouver for their escape. Only 15 minutes on the ferry takes you across the Queen Charlotte Channel into Snug Cove, where you’ll find the ferry terminal and some essential shops and services. From there it takes less than 20 minutes to drive pretty much anywhere on the island. Nature lovers will love exploring the many walking and hiking trails across the island, or you might want to spend your time cozying up around the wood fire instead. Xenia Retreat Centre is the perfect place to do just that.

Bowen Island Retreat at Xenia

Bowen Island’s history is full of logging and farming, and Xenia has grown and transformed from an abandoned sheep farm to a beautiful retreat centre while still holding a few reminders of the past. The main lodge building has been built around the original shelter on the land, a cottage built of massive old-growth boards. This original cottage is the oldest building on Bowen Island, and the rest of Xenia’s main lodge building has been thoughtfully built around the small structure. Opa, the 1000 year old Douglas Fir growing on the property, is one of two remaining old growth trees on Bowen Island.

Staying at Xenia

If you’re coming to Xenia for a romantic Bowen Island retreat, you’ll probably want to stay in either the Studio Cottage or the Maple Cottage, both of which have their own washroom facilities. Cooking and eating happen in the beautiful shared kitchen and dining room. There is plenty to explore on Xenia’s property, including a stone labyrinth, gardens, meadow and horse barn, and there’s a trail that connects with the main Killarney Lake walking trail and also leads back to Snug Cove. For those who enjoy doing yoga or meditating, the Sanctuary is the perfect place to escape to for some quiet time. Huge windows, plush carpets, and a cozy wood fire make the Sanctuary a comfortable place to rest and renew.

At Xenia you can retreat into nature and nurture your spirit. It’s not flashy or loud. There are no expensive spas or in-room movie rentals. It’s quiet and real. It’s peaceful and the people there are kind. And while you might end up preparing your own meals (or going into Snug Cove to eat out), you definitely won’t have to do any parenting on this Bowen Island retreat.

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