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You Say: Moms Share Back to School Shopping Tips

You Say: Moms Share Back to School Shopping Tips

Back to school is less than a week away, and if you haven’t finished (or even started) your shopping yet, you may be feeling a little stressed out. Never fear, though, because we’re here to help. We turned to the best experts we know – our fellow Vancouver moms – to get their back to school shopping tips. Read on to find out what our fabulous Facebook followers had to say about where to find the best gear at the most affordable prices.

Back to School Shopping Tips from You

Connie Peters says that she heads to, “The Gap for clothes, Target for fun school supplies.” She also has another favourite, “ for labels and pencils. SO gorgeous.”

Shannon Fursh Richardson offers her tips, “For clothes I’m a big fan of H&M or Joe Fresh. For school supplies I like Target – thank goodness they are coming to Vancouver soon so I don’t have to go across the border as much.”

Leeanne Ekland is willing to hunt for a deal. She says, “I like Winners, but you have to go often for the good stuff!”

Jenny Stewart has both a question and some answers. “For school supplies I am still searching for the best deals so I can’t wait to read your blog post! For clothes Sears has awesome deals right now, got my 6 and 8 year old boys Adidas and Nike shirts and shorts for about $5 bucks a piece and they are dry fit! Regular $30!”

Agi Mayer answers Jenny’s question with her tip, “Staples is great for school supplies.”

Masha Birkby offers up her tip, which can benefit your school, “”

Kaitlin Wake says that she crosses the border for her back to school shopping. “Seattle Outlets. Much cheaper than here.”

Sara Forsting casts another vote for cross-border shopping when she offers her tip, “Target in the US.”

Lisa Schwartz weighs in with, “This year after reading all the great reviews, I bought back packs from LL Bean.”

And finally Vicki Buchanan is not feeling the back to school stress. “Give yourself a break Moms! Why do you need to buy new clothes just because school is starting? Just buy them when the kids need them or when you see good deals and avoid getting ‘caught up’ in a needless exercise!”

If you’re feeling under the gun, these tips will give you hand as you search for back to school gear for your own kids. Happy shopping!

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