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What are the Best Baby Toys without Plastic?

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Concerned about the plastic in your baby toys? Without sounding like an alarmist, your concern is probably warranted. Many plastic toys contain toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, which are used to soften the plastic. These chemicals are of particular concern with infants who learn through tactile stimulus and put everything they can get their hands on in their mouths. Rather than buying plastic toys, which have the added problem of sticking around the planet long after our little kiddos are done with them, consider purchasing cloth or wooden toys free of harmful chemicals and dyes. These days, there are so many cute and cuddly options available on the market. Here are our picks for the best baby toys that don’t contain plastic.

Going Plastic-Free: Our Picks for the Best Baby Toys

1. Yoozzoo Dolls

Made in New Zealand, Yoozzoo’s plush dolls are all stuffed with virgin wool. With names like Hooper, Foo and Booh, it’s easy to collect all six!

2. miYim

miYim offers a terrific collection toys, which includes dolls, stuffed animals, and teethers. Perfect for the environmentally-conscious home, their stuffed toys are filled with natural unprocessed, untreated, and unbleached cotton and naturally coloured. Check out their knit teethers, cloth stackers and stroller toys and you’ll agree these are some of the best baby toys going.

3. Plan Toys

For the modern parent who loves a clean aesthetic, the collection from Plan Toys is the perfect choice. Their doll houses alone could be an art piece. Dedicated to producing green products that are socially conscious, Plan also has a terrific array of ride-on toys, musical instruments, rocking horses, kitchens and more. A baby collection is coming soon.

4. The Playful World

With its unique, handcrafted designs, the Playful World works with artisans in less developed areas of the world, such as Mongolia, Peru and Krygyzstan. Toys are produced using the skills of each area’s cultural heritage, using sustainable resources available to them locally.

5. Dandelion Organic Toys

Environmentally conscious Dandelion Organic Toys offers a terrific selection of cloth rattles and teethers and developmental toys. Check them out and you’ll see why they’re one of our picks for the best baby toys that aren’t made of plastic.

6. Genuine Monkeez

With 28 adorable sock monkeys to choose from, Genuine Monkeez also offers clothing and accessories for your kids to play with.

7. DwellStudio

Known for their wonderfully stylish crib set collections, DwellStudio has a cute collection of stuffed bears, stacking blocks and rings, and pillows. Prints are also made without any heavy chemicals or known-toxic substances, are AZO free and formaldehyde free, and meet all criteria for eco-friendly pigments.

8. Ringley

Canadian manufacturer Ringley offers a natural teether that uses untreated maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth. Made without harmful chemicals or dyes, Ringley teethers are handmade in Toronto and are available in four styles: knotted, straight, junior and ball.

All of our picks for the best baby toys made without plastic are available for purchase online at Raspberry Kids. Or check the manufacturer’s site for a retailer near you.

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