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Pink Shirt Day: A day to take a stand against bullying and spread kindness

Pink Shirt Day: A day to take a stand against bullying and spread kindness

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Pink Shirt Day 2022 is just around the corner. This special day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of February every year and this year it will be on February 23.

This day is so important — it raises awareness about bullying, which is sadly something many children deal with both at school and online. It also raises funds for some wonderful programs that help children who have been dealing with bullying. 

This year’s Pink Shirt Day theme

This year Pink Shirt Day is all about diversity and embracing cultures, identities and true selves. The focus is having a greater acceptance, respect and inclusion for everyone. 

“This year we are asking you to join us in celebrating our diversity while raising funds to support inclusive anti-bullying programs for kids in our communities.” –

Photo Credit: Pink Shirt Day Website

Where to order an official Pink Shirt in Vancouver

You can order your official pink shirt here or buy one from your local London Drugs. 

By purchasing an official Pink Shirt Day t-shirt you are helping support organizations that support children’s healthy self-esteem and teach empathy, compassion and kindness. Leave Out Violence Society (LOVE BC), Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Canada, Vancouver Out On Screen Film and Video Society and Stigma-Free Society are a few incredible organizations where proceeds have gone to in the past. 

Kindness is one of the key aspects of these organizations. Explain to your children how important it is to be kind to others and show them how fun it can be.

Pink Shirt Day Vancouver 2022
Image Credit: Pink Shirt Day Website

Ways to participate in Pink Shirt Day 2022

Teach your children kindness through these simple reminders and activities. 

Here are 15 simple ways to teach your children how they can be kind:

  1. Include others when you are playing – invite someone to play on the playground
  2. Use kind words (like please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry)
  3. Don’t gossip or say mean words about others
  4. Smile at people
  5. Hold the door open for someone
  6. Bake cookies or muffins for a neighbour
  7. Make a thank you card for a teacher
  8. Pick up litter
  9. Compliment a friend
  10. Set the table for dinner or clean up your toys without being asked
  11. Write chalk messages on the sidewalk
  12. Call a friend you haven’t seen in  awhile to say ‘hello’
  13. Donate your toys and clothes
  14. Paint kindness rocks and leave them at the playground
  15. Be a role model – teach younger children how important it is to be kind and inclusive 

Connecting through learning together

Here are some free read along books to watch with your kids:

Kindness is my Superpower

The Kindness Book

I am Human – A Book of Empathy

Photo Credit: Pink Shirt Day Website

Start a Pink Shirt Day fundraiser in Vancouver or donate to one

Connect with your child’s school or a group of friends to raise funds to anti-bullying initiatives in Greater Vancouver. You can start an online fundraising group safely and securely through organizations like Charitable Impact (CHIMP) here.

Now is the time to order your pink shirts in time for Pink Shirt Day 2022. If you can’t get an official shirt any pink will do! Wear your pink proudly on February 23 to celebrate Pink Shirt Day in Vancouver.

Tag @vancouver_mom on instagram for your chance to be featured with your kids in your pink shirts. 

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