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Design Schooled Kids and the Art of Writing

Design Schooled Kids and the Art of Writing

In a world where we are tweeting, status updating, instant messaging, texting and emailing, it’s easy to believe that writing in long-hand is a dying art – or is it? Personally handwritten thank you cards are commonly expected forms of etiquette. Well-composed notes are still touching. And of course there’s always those shopping lists.

According to an article titled “The Writing On The Wall,” published in Newsweek in November 2007, children think and write at the same time. “If they struggle to remember how to make their letters, their ability to express themselves will suffer.”

It seems that even in our digital age, handwriting is still essential in kids’ development.  ABC Canada is an organization that advocates family literacy and suggests that parents encourage their children to write to a relative and friend – just one of several activities that families can use to develop and use literacy skills.

Tracy Sullivan, principal and creative director of Design School Kids, founded her company in the hopes of using letter writing as both an art and skill to recapture for children in the modern age. “I feel that in the age of emails and text- and video-messaging, letter writing has become a lost art.” says Tracy, who after years of finding the “big idea” for clients while in advertising, decided to launch her own company. Young children can use the Design Schooled Kids’ Printing Note Cards to help learn printing and etiquette through the joy of old fashioned letter writing. “The Printing Note Cards are a great way to give kids a head start on learning the skills they will need throughout their lives.” says Tracy, mom of an almost four-year-old and a one-and-a-half -year-old.

Its launch timed with this year’s Family Literacy Day, Design Schooled Kids produces pre-printed cards on which children can trace dotted letters to write notes that say “Thank You”, “Hello” and “Happy Birthday” and more. There’s something refreshingly formal about the cards themselves. I adore the classic writing paper with the blue dashed and red lines – it reminds me of the joy I had when rounding out my name’s capital C as a child. The cards come in high quality card stock along with a brightly coloured envelope that are perfect for adorning with a stamp and popping into a mail box for a grandparent or friend – or just giving to someone special in your own home.

Children not only practice printing, but they also gain a sense of accomplishment as they finish the letter and mail the card themselves – and they’re also learning proper manners at an early age.

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Design Schooled Kids Printing Note Cards can be found in store at Once Upon A Huckleberry Bush located at 4387 Main Street, Vancouver, or   or online at

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