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Day Date With Disney

Day Date With Disney

“Whoa!” was the first word out of my two-year-old son’s mouth as we slipped behind the curtain covering the entrance of the new Disney Store at Metrotown.

Excitement galore

A visual extravaganza was before us: a glittering princess castle, beautiful translucent trees lit up with changing Disney graphics, towers of Disney figurines, and a theatre displaying clips from popular Disney cartoons. A blue, sparkling pixie path weaved its way throughout the themed “neighbourhoods.”

The mission of the Disney Store is to deliver “the best 30 minutes of a child’s day.” Let’s be honest, the store is also designed to send parents into a reverie of Disney nostalgia.

Several other mommy bloggers and our children were given free reign to experience the new and improved interactive Disney Store and it was a pretty unforgettable day.

Staff members greeted us with a level of enthusiasm that made me think they might combust into Mickey Mouse at any moment. The employees guided us through the various neighbourhoods and helped us keep an eye on our kids as they slipped through tunnels, disappeared behind piles of stuffies and zoomed cars along the pixie dust path.

Interactive store

Popular amongst the little boys was the Disney-Pixar Cars station. The kids were able to custom build their very own hot rods! The girls loved the Disney Princess Castle where, with the wave of a wand, the Magic Mirror came to life to tell the story of their favorite princess. My son parked himself in front of the Disney Store Theatre. We chose a cartoon to watch and a drawing table was set up for colouring Disney characters.

On a daily basis, The What’s New Board posted outside the Disney Store will let families know when special events are happening such as story-telling, drawing classes, trivia games and much more.

Grand opening on April 16

The Disney Store officially opened on April 6 but the Grand Opening Ceremony is April 16 at 10:00 a.m. The first 500 guests at the opening ceremony will receive a free gift. At noon, none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse will make a grand appearance at the centre court outside the Disney Store for pictures!

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