Review: 2017 Ford Escape adds some fun to the daily grind

I recently had the opportunity to take a brand new 2017 Ford Escape Titanium for a week long test drive. It was perfect timing as my car is nearing 10 years old and we’re considering making a change. Having had an Escape in my pre-kids life that I loved, I was excited to drive the newest version.

While I didn’t have the opportunity to take a longer road trip, it was great to be able to test the Escape during a regular week of family obligations and commuting because really isn’t that the best test for a parent? How does it hold up to the wear and tear of daily life?

My first impression was that the Escape is a good looking vehicle that stands out from the others around it. When I got in, I was impressed by the roominess of the interior. Despite being a smaller SUV (aka not full size) I expected it to feel a little tight – not unlike my car – but it didn’t. There was a good amount space in both the front and rear seats. The visibility was great too – the large windows leaving virtually no blind spots. Plus my girls loved the fact that they didn’t have to crane their necks to see out their own windows.

ford escape titanium 2017 exterior

ford escape titanium 2017 front

They also loved the moon roof and the fact that extended “all the way over our seats too!” Despite freezing temperatures and a touch of snow on the ground, we still opened that bad boy up completely to experience it to the fullest.

ford escape titanium 2017 family shot

Technology Rules

The biggest difference for me – being that my current vehicle is from a pre-Bluetooth era – was the connectivity provided through the main electronics hub. Every Ford vehicle now comes equipped with their own SYNC 3 technology and it is powerful.

After going through the quick process of connecting my smartphone via Bluetooth everything was synced up. I could talk to Siri and make phone calls without pressing any buttons. My music played seamlessly and it would even read my text messages out loud. (Note: make sure to turn off that feature when your kids are in the car!)

I listen to audio books through the Audible app on my phone and I loved the fact that the SYNC 3 system always picked up the book from the exact point I finished on the last drive. It was so handy to not have to reactivate the app and start it myself. My one complaint about the system – and the interior overall –  is that the screen in the centre console was too flat. Angling the screen up just slightly would make it much easier to use – for both driver and passenger.

ford escape titanium 2017 dashboard

ford escape titanium 2017 SYNC 3 screen

The Ford Escape Titanium comes equipped with a 2.0L EcoBoost engine and the power it provided was impressive. I didn’t have to press the gas pedal very hard to get going at a good (law-abiding) speed. Plus it came with the option to use the paddle shifters on the steering wheel for more control. And since I still drive a manual transmission I liked having that option.

Safety First

The Ford Escape also features some great safety-focused technology like Lane Keeping technology. At first I was concerned when the steering wheel vibrated for seemingly no reason. Looking down at the dash, red dashes on the right side of the vehicle icon indicated I had drifted to the right and nearly out of my lane.  I thought of all the times I had felt drowsy while driving and could have used that extra support. The Ford Escape also has a clear and accurate rear view camera on the centre console. A feature that makes it much easier to get safely out of a parking spot at Costco on a Saturday.

ford escape titanium 2017 rear camera

Overall we all loved driving the Ford Escape for the week, and my girls (and hubby and I too) were pretty sad to say goodbye when the time came to take it back. This vehicle is definitely now on the shortlist for when test driving eventually turns to buying.

You should check it out too!


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