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Summer Safety Tips to Review With Your Sitter

Summer Safety Tips to Review With Your Sitter

Article by Amy van Weelderen of Lullaby League, who knows that it’s important to discuss summer safety with your babysitter.

With summer approaching, so is loads of fun outdoor time. Whether it is at the water park, jumping on the park swings or just playing in the yard, it is great for your babysitter to be able to get the kids outside when the sun shines. Make sure to review these simple summer safety tips and make sure it is a fun and safe summer season!

Five Summer Safety Tips for Sitters

1. No lobsters please! In a word…sunscreen. If you have not already slathered on sunscreen before the sitter arrives, make sure the babysitter takes a bottle along. Sunscreen does not last and if water play is involved make sure the sitter and your kids know they have to reapply generously every hour. Summer safety means protecting your children’s skin!

2. The eagle stretch…be an arm’s distance away. No matter what, this is a deal breaker. If your kids are going to a pool, water park or any area where there is water, make sure your sitter knows that they need to be arm’s distance away at all times.

3. Hungry, hungry hippos…snacktime. Have snacks, lots of snacks packed and ready to go with the sitter and kids. I don’t know what it is, but my son is an eating machine when he is out and about running around. Having healthy, ready to go snacks make it even easier to make sure your kids get fueled up with the right food and ready to play all day.

4. They are kids, not camels…drink water! When kids run around and they need to hydrate, especially in the summer sunshine. Have water bottles labeled and ready to go and make sure your sitter knows that she might need to suggest/demand a few water breaks during fun time. Try to have the sitter limit the sweet drinks (i.e. juices or lemonade) and have the kids stick to water as much as possible.

5. Gotta peeeee! We know the signs when our kids need to use the washroom. Make sure your sitter is aware of the sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle clues. Be clear with the sitter what your expectation is of her if your child needs to use a public washroom. Do you want her in the washroom with your child or waiting by the door? Be clear so everyone feels confident and safe.

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Most of these summer safety tips are common sense, but by talking about them in advance, you can be certain that everyone’s on the same page, and the fun times keep rolling.

What summer safety tips do you make sure to review with your sitter or childcare provider?

Amy van Weelderen has been helping busy families connect with top notch university students for over five years with her babysitting referral company, Lullaby League. As a mother of a spirited 10 year old son, she knows what it takes to find a great babysitter and ensure they will come back again and again.

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