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Where to Find Healthy Kids’ Snacks on the East Side

Where to Find Healthy Kids’ Snacks on the East Side

Written by Heather Maxwell Hall.

A friend and fellow parent recently lamented the lack of quick, healthy, portable snacks to be found in most grocery stores. Many kid-targeted foods are loaded with sugar, crazy food dyes, and refined stuff that many parents want to either limit or ban altogether from their children’s diets. Aside from the usual go-to nibblies like fresh fruit, yogurt, veggies and cheese, it can be a real challenge to find wholesome pre-made food for kids that busy parents can keep in the car for road trips, toss in the stroller for easing meltdowns, or stash in a bag for whenever those voracious hunger pangs hit.

Healthy Snack Food for Kids in Hastings-Sunrise

Donald’s Market

This bustling market is known for decent prices, local produce and a wide array of wholesome and often locally-produced foods. With two locations in East Vancouver, it’s a convenient favourite for many parents on the East Side. Here are some healthy snack ideas you can find there:

  • Organic Biscuit Buddies by My Organic Baby. Tasty whole grain teething biscuits with no salt, colours or preservatives and just a bit of cane sugar.
  • Nature’s Path Heritage O’s. My toddler loves this finger food made with kamut, spelt and quinoa. It’s great for breakfast or a mid-afternoon nosh. They contain very little sugar and are perfect for tiny hands to fish out of snack cups.
  • Dempster’s Multigrain Thin Buns. Great for spreading with almond butter and sliced bananas. Also ideal for making mini pizzas–just sprinkle with some cheese, small chopped veggies and bake for a bit.
  • Healthy Times Whole Grain Arrowroot Cookies. Made with unrefined cane juice and organic ingredients, these are a good option for teething toddlers or famished kids who want a cookie that’s healthier than most.

Skye’s Nut Heaven

Located on Hastings near Nanaimo, this little store is named after the owner’s young son and has a nice selection of fresh bulk organic foods like dried sliced peaches, apricots, and plenty of nuts and cereals for mixing up a homemade kiddo’s trail mix.

See Also

The Laughing Bean Coffee Co.

Another fave stop is this friendly little coffee shop on the corner of Hastings and Slocan. The minute you walk in the door, you’ll smell the yummy and wholesome homemade muffins, cookies, scones and sandwiches that make for a delish little impromptu picnic in the park. We often stop in for a muffin after a trip to the library across the street. The place is usually filled with familiar faces, playdate folks, strollers and kids happily munching their food. Make sure to try one of their cream cheese berry muffins – they’re to die for.

Have a favourite source for healthy snack food for kids in your own neighbourhood? Let us know what, where and why!

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