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Trending: Chocolate! Six shops you’ll LOVE this Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like rain and umbrellas so don’t scrimp on something you might forget on the bus. Thankfully, Vancouver is chock-full of top quality artisanal chocolate makers. So go local this holiday and pick up some unforgettable chocolates for your sweet thing. Check out our six top picks.

Chocolate Arts

This 3rd Ave chocolate store / factory / cafe supports local growers and uses organic produce (where possible) in their tasty creations. All chocolates are handmade in small batches using such tasty morsels as wild blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, hazelnuts, pears, pumpkins, and peaches.

Koko Monk

The owner of Koko Monk is part chocolatier, part artist and part poet! But no matter which hat he’s wearing, taste is the journey he’d like us all to be on. His raw chocolates are a dazzling and unique taste sensation. Pick up some blazing hearts for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day for the electric taste of organic raw sour cherry chocolate with raspberry.

1849 W 1st Ave

Beta5 Chocolates

These almost too-gorgeous-to-eat chocolates are works of art – delectable, edible art that is. And their cream puffs are to die for. Beta5 was named as one of the top 10 best chocolatiers in North America for good reason. This year, they present 6 new chocolates with titillating names like Spark, Blush, Butterflies and Lust. They also have their cream puff ‘Ring of Love’ – 16 mini cream puffs filled with 4 different creams.

413 Industrial Ave

Daniel Chocolates

Staying true to their authentic Belgian roots, Daniel uses time-honoured, chocolate techniques, so their chocolates are the real deal. Made sans preservatives, artificial ingredients or hydrogenated fats, all chocolates are made in Vancouver, and have been for over 35 years!

88 East 7th Ave

Gem Chocolates

This award-winning, family-run Kerrisdale chocolatier makes all-natural chocolate that looks great and explodes with bold flavours. For Valentine’s Day, they have a variety of seasonal chocolates on hand including lavender and blackberry, orange and almonds/hazelnut, dulce de leche, rose water, spicy dark and more…and chocolate heart cases …while supplies last!

Chocolat Tas

These hand-crafted (and ever so pretty), artisan chocolates are made by international award-winning master chocolatier Win Tass, and handily located in Vancouver (Granville Island) and Abbotsford.

101-31060 Peardonville Rd. Abbotsford
Granville Island Public Market

Original list by Christina Chandra in 2017

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