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Five ways to get your kids to try new foods

Five ways to get your kids to try new foods

“Help! My kids won’t try new foods!” This is a common refrain from parents. Many children are nervous trying new foods. Sometimes it’s a matter of texture, sometimes, it’s the look, sometimes it’s just a switch from their normal, comfortable routine, but rarely is it the actual taste!

Pro tips: How to get your kids to try new food

Here are a few pro tips from the experts at Little Kitchen Academy on how to get your kids inspired try new foods.

  1. Involve your kids in the kitchen: Have them collect ingredients from the fridge, garden or cupboard. Allow them to help wash, chop the vegetables or fruit. Sometimes it can be a simple task such as choosing how to slice the cucumbers.  Choice is very important. Invite them to set the table so they are invested in the meal.
  2. Grow a simple garden: Nothing tastes better than a fresh blueberry or bean from the garden and the pride in growing food may be just the incentive they need to eat a new vegetable. Watching the produce grow and change with care and delight creates interest in new foods
  3. Provide choices: Help discover and understand new descriptive words to explain what it is they don’t like. It’s okay not to like something!  Let’s figure out what it is that isn’t liked!  It’s possible that your child doesn’t like a certain texture but doesn’t’ know how to describe it. Spend time talking about flavours (tart, sweet, spicy), textures and ways of cooking (mashed, pureed, fried, roasted, barbecued).
  4. Experiment: Kids don’t like cooked carrots or beans? Take out some spices from the spice cabinet and see if any smell good!  Perhaps they would add a yummy flavour! Have a tasting contest! See if you can identify what it is you are eating when you have a blindfold on! 
  5. Eat at the table together: Where possible sit down for a meal together. Play Master Chef and see if you can identify the different flavours in what you are eating. 

Two ways to try kale  

Little Kitchen Academy

Kale? For real? Yes! Kids can eat this uber healthy leafy green if it’s prepared in a tasty way.

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  • Kale chips: All you need is kale, olive oil and salt on a baking sheet, and the result is a crispy snack that chip-loving kids will enjoy. The kids can help rip up the kale, shake it up in a bag with oil and salt, and lay out the chips for baking.
  • Kale popcorn: In this simple recipe, the kale is baked, ground up into a powder and shaken on top of buttered popcorn. Tasty and fun!

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