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Vancouver Mom Book Club December 2021

Vancouver Mom Book Club December 2021

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Vancouver Mom Book Club December picks are here! In our opinion, books are great for so many reasons during the holiday season. Two of our favourites are; 1. they allow us to escape the busy season and get lost in a good story. 2. They also make excellent gifts for anyone on your list.

This month’s Vancouver Mom book club reads have us inspired by social entrepreneurship, and that everyday people (like you!) can change the world. First, we read a story about a young girl finding the courage to overcome a bully. Then, we went along a weekly adventure with a young boy and his grandparents.

Our December book club takeaways are that we live in complicated times. And that, unfortunately, kids experience bullying at all ages and stages of their lives. Despite this, people continue to use their voices and actions to make our world a better place. This month’s book club reads reminded us that there is fun and adventure to be found anywhere you look-especially when children’s imagination leads the way.

What books are you gifting this holiday season? Who is on the receiving end? Share your book gifting recommendations and comment on our reviews using #VMBookClub

Our December picks!

Vancouver Mom Book Club Pick For Kids

1. Fridays With Fitz: Fitz Goes to the Pool

December book club pic VM

Written by: Tracey Wimperly
Illustrated by: Rose Mason
Publisher: FriesenPress
Recommended audience: 4+

Every Friday, while his Dads are at work, Fitz spends the day with his grandparents. This book swiftly shatters the stereotype of Grandma with a tight gray bun and bald Grandpa in round glasses baking cookies.

Instead, it takes us along on an adventure to the local pool. Through beautiful illustrations, emphatic text and visual storytelling, the playful nature of this story are contagious. Fitz’s Gramma and Granfa are energetic and creative. Their imaginations even lead them to an octopus made of pool noodles. This story shares a very special relationship between grandparents and a grandson, demonstrating love and unique family dynamics.

Favorite blurb:

Granfa carries Fitz and they walk in the water towards the octopus. They get closer and closer. Fitz hugs Granfa’s neck tight so Granfa won’t be scared. 

Find it: >> Amazon or >> Call Me Curious

2. Genie Meanie

a book on bullying

Written by: Mahtab Narsimhan
Illustrations by: Michelle Simpson
Recommended audience: 6-9
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

When Kiara discovers a genie in a bottle her grandmother leaves her, she thinks her worries are over. Her genie’s indifference to her struggles at school with a bully are initially frustrating. Through trial and error, Kiara finds the courage to stand up to the bully and protect her friend, without the help of magic. While she doesn’t face the bully in the most effective way, by talking to a safe grown-up, there is a good lesson about bravery and confidence when facing a challenge. I enjoyed the cultural references in this story as well as the portrayal and power of friendships, even when they’re invisible. 

Favorite blurb:

I was going to be brave for Bai, for me, and for every student Matt had ever bullied or would try to bully. 

Find it: >> Orca Books

Vancouver Mom Book Club Pick For GrownUps

1. The Greater Good: Social Entrepreneurship for Everyday People Who Want to Change the World

Written by: Madeleine Shaw
Recommended audience: Grown-Ups
Publisher: Wonderwell 

This book is a call to action. It’s a motivating and inspiring collection of stories and lessons told by a local award-winning social entrepreneur and mom. While social entrepreneurship can feel intimidating, the book is an enjoyable read as Madeleine shares her experiences as a non-traditional entrepreneur focused on creating social and environmental change. This includes the inspiration behind her family-friendly workplace concept, Nestworks. This book has a conversational tone and offers a unique perspective woven through practical and complex yet aspirational stories and case studies. Reading it left me encouraged about the future we’re creating for our children. I felt inspired to do my part to support and join those leading the way to a greater good. 

Favorite blurb:

So, here is my invitation: join me in exploring what it takes to open yourself up to acting as a change maker. This book is for anyone who has ever felt scared, frustrated, or overwhelmed about the challenges of our times, from a global pandemic, climate change, and other environmental issues, to racial, gender, and economic inequality, and so much more. 

Find it: >> Madeleine Shaw

Books by local authors make the best holiday gifts. For a full list of all the books we’ve reviewed this year visit >> VM Book Club 

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