Rainy day roundup!

Newsflash! It’s raining cats, dogs and maybe even toddlers out there. It’s so wet the ducks have gone inside. Well let’s face it, rain is something we’re pretty familiar with! So we’ve rounded up a slew of rainy day posts with in-the-house and out-of-the-house ideas for kids!

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Happy birthday bounce!

Come celebrate Springfree’s one year anniversary with a bouncy party! And be in with a chance to win a trampoline of your very own. Head down to their showroom on Saturday June 11th.

It’s nearly family camping season, which means it’s time for crackling campfires under star-dazzled skies, cooling off with endless dips in the lake, and falling asleep to the sound of breezes swooshing through the trees. It also means it’s time to reassess your supplies and make sure the whole family is geared up. Vancouver has…