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VM Picks: Top Summer Break Camps, a Q&A with Elevate Ultimate

VM Picks: Top Summer Break Camps, a Q&A with Elevate Ultimate

If you’re seeking a fun, socially-distanced sport for your athlete, Elevate Ultimate is where it’s at. The academy provides a range of disc sports for kids aged 6 – 19 and school programs. Loved by 1000+ parents for their high-energy coaches, they ensure the safest (but funnest!) experience. Disc sports are typically socially-distanced which makes them safer. While the coaches follow all COVID-related regulations, they are very agile when it comes to making changes as the regulations change. We connected with them to learn more about their summer camps.

Give us a brief description of your camp.

We have two types of camps: ultimate frisbee and disc golf. Our ultimate camps are great for kids that need to run around all day to burn off that energy. Our disc golf camps are great for kids because they do not have to share equipment or be in physical proximity to one another. We’re running camps in Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver! 

What makes your summer camp unique?

We go FAR beyond just letting kids throw the frisbee around for six hours. With focus on values like conflict resolution and sportspersonship, Elevate offers an experience that will stay with you forever. We don’t just speak our values, our camps live them. For example, we’re organizing Courage Camps for all female-matching athletes to foster their voices in the sport. 

Disc golf is a fairly new sport on the scene. What sets it apart from other sports? 

Disc golf is an individual sport that focuses on form and fluid athletic movement. Because it is not a primarily strength or speed based game, it’s much more accessible to a wider range of kids, and because it’s an individual sport, it doesn’t involve the pressure of competitive team sports.

Why should we be playing ultimate right now?  

Co-founder Danie sums it up perfectly – “People are disconnected and lonely, now more than ever. Ultimate can be such a powerful tool to bring people together and to make people feel welcome. The sport itself teaches so many important life skills and with this tool, we can do incredible things. Ultimate makes people feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves, it’s pretty special.”

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What are people saying about your camps? 

My 13 year old boys have enjoyed the opportunity to learn and develop their  disc skills with great coaching personalities. They value the reinforced “Spirit of the Game” and this program was definitely a positive experience for them. They have participated in a summer camp as well as a fall and winter session. They will continue with Elevate. I appreciate Elevate and  how they are making the game of Ultimate accessible to everyone!

~Andrea Boomars

This post is sponsored by Elevate Ultimate

Elevate Ultimate is an award-winning company, and the leader in Ultimate Frisbee programs for kids aged 6 – 19. Their mission is to pass on skills and values that will transcend the field, such as sports-personship, personal accountability, and open-mindedness, through the Sport and Spirit of Ultimate Frisbee. They are making better human beings one frisbee at a time.

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