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VM Picks: Spring Break Camps for Kids: Q&A With VISST

VM Picks: Spring Break Camps for Kids: Q&A With VISST

Explore a world of innovation and discovery at VISST Spring Break camps! These camps offer a unique focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. Moreover, whether your child is a budding scientist, engineer, or tech enthusiast, these camps provide an ideal blend of academic and personal development. Join them this Spring Break and ignite your child’s passion for STEM! Here is what the team from VISST had to say:

What is the mission and philosophy of your spring break camp, and how does it align with Vancouver parents’ needs?

A group of girls in a class learning for the STEM Camp at VISST Spring break camps
Photo credit: VISST

The VISST camps are designed to be both fun and hands-on, allowing students aged 8-15 to engage with STEM topics in an exciting and immersive environment. These camps are developed and taught by award-winning instructors and PhDs who bring their extensive knowledge and expertise to each program. The instructors at VISST are committed to ensuring that each student has a meaningful and enriching learning experience.

What sets your camp apart from others in the area?

Photo Credit: VISST

Our camps are a unique blend of science, technology, mathematics and social science topics that you can’t find anywhere else. They have been designed with the goal of nurturing skills and experiences for the betterment of our society.

Can you provide an overview of the activities and programs your camp offers during spring break, and how they contribute to children’s development?

A student learning STEM on the computer for VISST Spring break camp
Photo Credit: VISST

Our spring break camps include: 

– Deconstructing TikTok: How social media companies collect our information and use it to make profit. Learning about the “algorithm” will allow children to navigate social media safely.

– 2D Game Design: Using Inkscape and Godot, children will learn how to design their own adventure game.

– 3D Modeling and Animation: Children will learn how to produce their own short animated movie.

Share success stories or testimonials from previous participants and their parents. How have children benefited from your camp?

A group of students experimenting science at VISST
Photo Credit: VISST

Yoav Rubin (Parent) — TikTok camp

Our kids went to VISST’s TikTok camp and they loved it. Mike and Shaun are fantastic instructors who put in the time and effort to make sure every new topic one come learn is digestible. Highly recommend!

Grade 7 Student (Camper) — I learned a lot

I learned a lot. Before, I knew nothing about social media platforms, but now, I do. This program really helped me understand socials media platforms. I realized that not only students, but everyone should learn about this because we are in the technology age and we should learn how to protect ourselves from hackers. Otherwise, we will lose our identity.

2D Game Design Camp (Camper) – I loved creating my own game

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Thanh taught us how to create our own adventure game and learning how to draw in Inkscape. I learned how to code and how to add music to my game. I shared my game with my friends and we are still playing it.

For more information or to connect, follow VISST at:

Website: VISST



This post is sponsored by Vancouver Independent School for Science & Technology (VISST)

Vancouver’s first and only STEM high school, bringing a thoughtful focus on the science and technology skills that are demanded by life and work in the 21st century, a curriculum designed and communicated so that students care about what they’re learning and understand why they are learning it, and the academic and personal development to prepare our students for success both in and out of the workplace.

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