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VM Picks: Spring Break Camps for Kids: Q&A Valhallan Esports Training

VM Picks: Spring Break Camps for Kids: Q&A Valhallan Esports Training

Are you seeking an engaging Spring Break experience that will inspire your child’s imagination? Look no further than Valhallan Esports Training Spring Break Camps for teens! We sat down with their enthusiastic team to delve into their immersive programs. If you have a young gamer at home, this camp is designed just for them!

What is the mission and philosophy of your spring break camp, and how does it align with Vancouver parents’ needs?

Valhallan brings education, life skills, and inclusive competition to the world of youth esports.

Community, confidence, sportsmanship, fun — all the things parents and kids want from extracurricular activities — that’s where Valhallan comes in. We ignite leadership and strategic thinking in the youth using a medium that they love; and make sure that they’re having a blast along the way!

What sets your camp apart from others in the area?

Kids at the Valhallan Esports Training playing games for Spring Break
Photo Credit: Valhallan Esports Training

Video Games and E-Sports have emerged as one of the most effective ways in which children can build teamwork, hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills. As being one of the first ones to introduce our community to the world of Structured E-Sports Training, Valhallan Vancouver is capitalizing this medium of learning to positively impact our students.

Can you provide an overview of the activities and programs your camp offers during spring break, and how they contribute to children’s development?

A room of computers and kids playing eports games for Valhallan Esports Training Spring Break camps
Photo Credit: Valhallan Esports Training

For Spring Break 2024, we are currently offering 2 types of camps.

– Gamer’s Club: this camp exposes students to 5 of the most popular E-Sports titles in today’s gaming world and gives them an intensive crash course on the strategy, teamwork and technical skills that go into being successful in their objectives. 

– Fortnite Camp: this camp dives deep into the most popular E-Sports title amongst today’s children. Over the course of the week, students will touch on game mechanics, strategy, teamwork and character optimization.

Share success stories or testimonials from previous participants and their parents. How have children benefited from your camp?

A display of computers for Valhallan Esports Training Spring Break Camps
Photo Credit: Valhallan Esports Training

 We are the first ones in Western Canada to bring such a service to our community and Spring 2024 will be our first round of camp offerings. 

Our weekly after-school program fosters continuous growth in how parents and children approach esports and video games. Students prioritize teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking over solitary computer gaming in our program.

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This post is sponsored by Valhallan Esports Training

Valhallan Esports Training in Vancouver is a leading provider of esports programs for young gamers. They offer immersive and engaging experiences that go beyond just gaming, focusing on building a sense of community, developing leadership skills, and honing strategic thinking abilities.

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