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Top Newborn, Family and Portrait Photographers in Vancouver: Deb Brown Photography

Top Newborn, Family and Portrait Photographers in Vancouver: Deb Brown Photography

We’re pleased to present our Top Newborn, Family and Portrait Photographers in Vancouver highlighting photographers who demonstrate a high calibre of professionalism and talent and specialize in maternity, newborn or family portrait photography.

We connected with Deb Brown of Deb Brown Photography about her wonderful baby, family and portrait photography work.

Tell us a bit about your photography business

debbrownheadshotI am a lifestyle family photographer. I capture what your family is at this moment in time. It may be a newborn session with first time parents, a young family with two young toddlers that want nothing to do with being photographed to a family with teenagers. Every family is different and that is what I love. I love people. I love kids and I love their energy. I love to capture the true essence of what this family in front of me is all about…love. Photography has always been a big part of my life ever since I was 5 years old and my grandad from England, also a photographer, gave me my first Pentax film camera. I have been photographing everything ever since, before there were digital files and Photoshop.

What should clients expect, working with you?



I have a lot of energy and I try to always have a lot of fun with my clients. Being serious is a bit boring when photographing families, especially with kids and I think that my clients appreciate that. I like to have a phone conversation prior to any of my shoots so that I can find out what my client wants are from the shoot before they spend their hard earned dollars on it. What style are they want, more traditional posed shots or more lifestyle fun creative shots, whichever it is I will deliver the best and make it a fun experience for them.

How would you describe your photography style?


My photography style is more lifestyle centred. I like to capture families interacting with one another and having fun. They don’t always need to be looking at the camera, they don’t always need to have a smile on their faces as the interaction amongst the family is what they are all about. I always inform my clients not to stress too much about their kids looking and smiling at the camera, or sitting down perfectly or even looking at the camera. I have been told countless times from my clients, that their favourite photo is the one of their child crying, not looking at the camera, maybe jumping in muddy puddles, yawning, or perhaps the one with a huge pout or scowl on their face. It is about having fun and getting some pretty great photos!

What is your favourite place to shoot?


My favourite place to shoot is at Blackie Spit Park. My studio is located in South Surrey/White Rock but I prefer this outdoor location which is close by. It is situated near Crescent Beach which gives me the best of both worlds. The park side has bridges, great wooden fences, fabulous tall grass, lots of places to run and have fun. Then right next door, we can take a short walk to the beach. We live in such a beautiful city with mountains and water so close to us so why not take advantage of the beach. I shoot there both in the summer or in the middle of winter with beautiful snow on the ground. Both seasons at this spot makes a great backdrop for photographs.

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