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Trending: Daylight Saving Time, spring forward

Yes it’s Daylight Saving Time this weekend (spring forward), the most confusing weekend of the year tied only with the fall DST (fall back).

Here’s how it works: At 2 am Saturday morning, the clocks move forward to 3 am meaning everyone loses an hour of sleep leaving babies, kids and parents super cranky the next day. As well, a lot of people will be late or no-shows for events and activities adding to a general feeling of being in the twilight zone.

Protip 1: Change the clocks BEFORE you go to bed.

Protip 2: When you get up “late” because the clocks moved forward, pretend you got an extra hour’s sleep.

Protip 3: Do not travel to another time zone this weekend. You’ll never recover.

The upside is that it stays light later. Lighter nights mean outdoor play for the kids and a general feeling of optimism and hope. It’s time for leisurely evenings kicking the ball around in the back yard, puttering in the garden, scootering, bike riding, hanging out at the playground, or simply sitting outside with something fizzy in a glass.

The funniest video on Daylight Saving Time ever made


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