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Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms, Vive le Vegan, Solo Mommy, Musings of an Unconventional Life

Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms, Vive le Vegan, Solo Mommy, Musings of an Unconventional Life

We only have a few more blogs to profile until our Ultimate Vancouver Mom Bloggers list is complete later this week. Today, we’d like you to meet:

  • Erica Wells, The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms
  • Dreena Burton, Vive le Vegan
  • Jenny Lutes, Solo Mommy
  • Jennifer Bebb, Musings of an Unconventional Life

Don’t forget to root for your favourites in the comments below!

The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms by Erica Wells


Mother, wife and business woman Erica Wells is the co-author of The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms book and blog. Once Erica Wells gave birth to two her children, she decided to take a break from the corporate life and spend time writing about her experiences with her two little ones. She now enjoys the challenges of being a Mortgage Broker by day and published author by night. The premise of the blog is similar to that of the book – things you need to know as a rookie mom that no one ever tells you. Erica’s insights are relevant, funny and give you that comforting feeling that she and many others have gone through the same ordeals that you may be experiencing as a new mom. Erica is pictured above on the left with The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms co-author Lorraine Regal who recently returned to reside in her native England from Vancouver. Read more at


Vegan, cookbook author and blogger, Dreena Burton says “Anyone who has been vegan for more than a few years knows the look. That expression you get from someone after you mention that you’re vegan. Sort of a confusion combined with discomfort about how one can live without meat… without cheese… without milk and eggs and yogurt and yes, chicken and fish as well.”  Lately Dreena says she is noticing a change in awareness and acceptance of the vegan diet. But just in case you’re skeptical that a vegan diet is doable, we invite you to check out Vive le Vegan. For the last 5 years, Dreena has been offering up vegan cooking information, tips, and sample recipes that don’t sacrifice flavor or nutrition. And don’t stress because most of Dreena’s recipes are for real people – the fact that most were created with a busy toddler underfoot is testimony to how easy they are to make! Read more at

Solo Mommy by Jenny Lutes


Jenny Lutes is, well used to be, Solo Mommy. Jenny was a single mom for two years. And now she’s not! But Jenny still blogs at Solo Mommy about what she’s going through as a mom and the spiritual and emotional journeys of being a woman. A couple of people have told us that they can really relate to Jenny’s blog even though they’re not moms themselves! Jenny’s diverse insights on being a parent, a partner and a woman have been described by her readers as real, unbidden and humorous all at the same time. Jenny also seems to have a keen eye for fashion, interiors and wedding dresses which she writes about on her other blogs all of which you can access from Solo Mommy. Read more at

Musings of an Unconventional Life by Jennifer Bebb


Musings of an Unconventional Life is the personal blog of wedding photographer Jennifer Bebb who runs Bebb Studios with her husband Stephen. Jennifer says she has an amazing, albeit unconventional, life that she wouldn’t change for the world: “Married, two kids, successful business – I really do have it all!” Despite loving her life, Jennifer says that some days are harder than others and there are challenges. From the outside looking in, things are perfect. But things are seldom what they seem in the real world. That’s where Jennifer’s blog comes in. She invites us into her real world as she navigates through the struggles a working mother faces, both personally and professionally. In Jennifer’s writing, her observant nature really shines through. Just check out her post “drop off” – you’ll get the idea and a little giggle, especially if your day has ever started with dropping off the kids at school. Read more at

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