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Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: A Lot of Loves, The Momoir Project

Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: A Lot of Loves, The Momoir Project

We’d like you to meet two more nominees who have been shortlisted for Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs:

  • Marilyn Belsham, A Lot of Loves
  • Cori Howard, The Momoir Project

Be sure to cheer on your faves in the comments section below!

A Lot of Loves by Marilyn Belsham

Marilyn Belsham created A Lot of Loves in 2009 as a way to share what she calls her “misadventures as a domestically challenged mom.” Although Marilyn doubts she’ll ever be a true domestic diva, we think she’s well on her way! A former business analyst, now a stay-at-home mother of two, Marilyn discusses the struggles of motherhood and the loss of identity it can bring. She uses A Lot of Loves as an opportunity to share herself and as a way to meet and chat with other similar minded people. Marilyn’s blog also links to a wide-range of helpful product reviews – and sometimes giveaways – on her sister-site, A Lot of Loves Reviews. If she loves it, Marilyn will glady rave about a product but she is completely honest about her dislikes as well. Read more at

The Momoir Project by Cori Howard

The Momoir Project truly began when mom and award-winning journalist, Cori Howard, first started teaching other Vancouver moms how to write their own stories. The Momoir Blog was created to give Cori’s students – and any writer moms for that matter – an online forum where they could meet and write together.  In addition to Cori, the Momoir Blog has several regular contributors who blog about their own lives and include writing prompts for inspiration for more comments and stories. This essentially creates a virtual feedback forum – where moms can talk to each other and share their experiences. Of course, Cori will also consider your own tightly-woven story for The Momoir Blog. And if you’re having trouble getting it down to 500 words she can help with that too! Read more at

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  • oh….i vote for the momoir project! what a fabulous outlet for every woman on her journey through motherhood. i had the pleasure of being in the 1st momoir class and i can’t tell you how wonderful the experience was.

  • The Momoir Project and the Momoir Blog are great forums to share motherhood experiences and to share the magic within the messiness and monotony.

  • The Momoir Project is just the best thing ever. Cheaper than therapy and waaay more fun. Cori reminded me that self expression and writing Momoirs can make a huge difference in one’s life. Thanks Cori!

  • I took the Momoir level one and two classes between last fall and this spring. They have changed my life. I now KNOW that I can be successful as a writer, and thereby in many of the other goals I have alongside my role of mother to my two boys. Cori is an incredible, bright star who lights the way for so many of us as we flounder through the fluctuating balance of autonomy within motherhood. She gets my vote all the way!

  • Love the Momoir Project! I took the class and enjoyed having the space and time to finally write. The blog provides further inspiration, and I love reading about such a diverse range of experiences.

  • The Momoir Project gets my vote. It’s an incredible, life-changing project, run by an equally incredible, life-changing woman. Cori provides a forum for mothers to share their stories and an outlet for creativity and self-expresion. No small feat!

  • its the momoir project all the way…not only entertaining, but also an outlet for me to express what goes through my own muddled yet active brain…thanks cori

  • I took a Momoir course in Summer 08 and enjoyed it immensely. I loved Cori’s style and wisdom, and plus I met a great bunch of women! Highly recommend it for retelling our stories of Motherhood.

  • Like these other ladies have said, the Momoir Project is life-changing, and Cori is an incredible inspiration and mentor. She helps women, not only work through the issues they face as mothers, but find confidence in their voice and in their ability to write.

  • I would like to nominate Cori Howard’s Momoir Project. I am a happy ex-student of Cori’s and continue to be impressed by her ability to guide writers and non-writers alike along the road of self-expression and honesty through writing. No mean feat when you consider that many are first-timers who find themselves having to expose their lightest and darkest moments in a room full of strangers – and to do so eloquently! Cori’s a classy broad and should win hands down!

  • Cori and The Momoir Project gets my vote….and not just because she’s posted my stories on her blog. She’s put together an amazing experience for mom’s who have even the teeniest hankering to record their stories and then provides a forum to share them.

  • The momoir project blog and site rocks. I would say it louder if the text would allow. But it is a place where the textual voices of mothers–mothers of all types are expressed. It is inclusive, kind, raw, honest and filled with the good humour that all mother-writers need. Way to go, Cori and the Momoir writers out there!!

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