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Guest post by Codi Darnell My baby is starting Kindergarten. Cue Aretha Franklin belting out Freedom on repeat in my head like some sort of unofficial anthem for this stage of motherhood—an anthem that’s only purpose is to convince me that this transition is a good thing. But Aretha has yet to make me a…

As summer comes to an end, parents across Vancouver are rejoicing: the school year is just around the corner! For new parents, the first day of kindergarten is both an enormous milestone and incredibly nerve-wracking.Your five-year-old may be bouncing off the walls with excitement while you’re panicking inside. We all know the importance of establishing…

Hey Vancouver parents, just thought I’d mention that it’s now time to register your kids in Kindergarten for the 2011-2012 year!

Check out the Vancouver School Board web site for more information.