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Father’s Day Contest! Win a La-Z-Boy for Dad valued at over $1425!

Father’s Day Contest! Win a La-Z-Boy for Dad valued at over $1425!

It’s the day we celebrate one of our first teachers, loves, and heroes! Father’s Day is around the corner, and we want to hear your favourite story about dad!

Tell us your story when you enter for a chance to win a Gabe Chair from La-Z-Boy of Greater Vancouver valued at $1425 … because dad deserves a comfortable chair to relax in.


Struggling to find a gift for dad in the meantime? Check out La-Z-Boy’s Father’s Day Gift Guide and additional design inspiration, tips and trends on their new blog, Lifestyle Meets Comfort.

OR check out their Gift Guide for Dad

Share your favourite store about Dad in the comments below for a chance to win and then gain extra entries using the Rafflecopter entry form!

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La-Z-Boy_logoLa-Z-Boy of Greater Vancouver is a family owned business that brings the latest styles of furniture to Vancouver homes. From classic to contemporary and the Urban Attitudes collection, there is furniture for every lifestyle. The company also supports local initiatives and charities like Ronald McDonald House of BC. Find a location near you at

** You must be from BC’s Lower Mainland (inc. Abbotsford) to enter. Prize to be picked up at the Coquitlam warehouse)

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  • We are so grateful for our hardworking dad. We call him the Energizer Bunny because he never stops. A super comfy chair is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him.

  • I like this recliner chair for my husband. This is the Best gift for Father’s Day. I wish I’m win in this contest.

  • This is going to be our first Fathers Day celebration. Somi is a great dad – you should see him teaching the traffic lights to our five month old baby- and this chair would make the perfect gift!

  • Our kids love to sit on their dad to play “the tickle machine” game. Dad’s ten fingers are the buttons and each time a button is pressed, the dad machine does a funny action (with sound effects). One secret button (finger) is the tickle button, which always results in torrents of giggles. I’m sure that dad would enjoy a good rest in a La-Z-boy (after tickling and being sat on by two boys)!

  • Father’s Day is a celebration of Dad and all those wonderful people that have helped to shape our kids lives. When you move from city to city home is always where you find connections, friends that become family and sometimes people that play extended mum and dad roles. Finding special people like Dan Kuesis on father’s day last year helped a travelling father feel a sense of relief knowing his kids were loved on this special day and that years of memories were ahead.
    Learning a new hobby, taught Hudson the value of patience and that sometimes trying new things and trusting in new people was worth more than any words could say. And from Dan himself a few words on what a day without technology means to him.
    “I was four when I fell in love with fishing whilst visiting my moms family in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Back then it was just a cane pole, bobber and worm and I was hooked. Fishing is my way to wind down, and my goal when we moved here was to get 15 minutes with Cindy, fishing on the dock before the sun went down. Now that we have kids I find it is one of the best ways to spend quality time without the distraction of video games and TV, just the fresh air and time with each other. I think it gives the kids an opportunity to fall in love with nature and makes them want to preserve it. There seems to be endless life lessons when you look at fishing. Probably the best thing it taught me is patience and persistence. I feel this is one of the hardest things for them to develop in this fast paced world. The kids now have there own tackle boxes and can spend hours showing each other their prized lure collections. I am glad that my whole family love it as much as I do”.

  • My husband is the most amazing father to our 3 year old. He’s incredibly hands on and helps out with everything from feeding, changing, cooking, cleaning and spending time with our daughter. He recently had knee surgery and it’s been very hard on him since it’s not healing correctly, but he still gives our daughter 100%. I guess it might not sound that amazing, but to me, he’s perfect.

  • I am entering the contest on behalf of my almost 3 year old daughter. When I asked her what her favorite story about Dad is she said. “Dad take me swimming when he gets home from work” This would be the perfect gift for him to relax after hard days of working, swimming and playing!

  • My most favorite memory of my dad was when we attended his work Christmas party last year. We were very close as I was growing up, but as I too began working full-time we don’t get the luxury of our father daughter times like we used too. So when he asked me to be his plus one, I couldn’t say no. He was so excited because he had been nominated as Employee of the Month. I remember the night before he asked me to help him write a speech in case he won (English is his second language). Down to the car ride heading to the dinner, he kept asking me if he was pronouncing everything right. I assured him, he got this. When we arrived he introduced me to everyone, but he did it in a way which he expressed how proud he was of where I am today. I worked hard in school to get a good paying job because I knew how hard my dad had worked. He worked 2 jobs with a 2hr window just to provide for our family. When they called the winner he kept saying he wished it was him, but then told me he was happy for who won because that person too deserved the title. I reassured him it was okay, he did well and I’m sure he will get something next time. He greeted everyone at the party is such a happy way. From his fellow department employees to the GM, I saw how he treated everyone equally. In fact, they all referred to him as their Mr. Handsome and he loved it. We ate, we danced the night away and my dad did the most silliest dance moves, even entering the centre of a circle formed by the employees. I could see the joy in his face. Why do I feel my dad deserves a Lazy Boy chair? Because I feel he is the oxymoron of the title! Haha. He works an extremely physical job, has been on medical leave due to lifting injuries, but still perseveres because he wants to provide for the family. Sometimes I tell him he just needs to take a break once in awhile and focus on his health. So I hope to win him something where he can relax after a hard day and feel extremely comfortable doing so. With that being said, thank you for reading my story and I wish everyone and their deserving dads the best of luck!

  • I grew up not being close to my Dad. He was very strict and his rules are sometimes hard to follow. But i think i am what i am today because of him and my mom. I am greatful that he is not like some Dad who drinks, smoke, or gumble. He may not be a perfect father but I know he did his best to provide and be the best father to all of us my siblings.

  • I’m posting a comment not for my hubby(though he’s pretty fabulous) but for my father in law. He endlessly helps us with watching our children, preschool pick ups, getting to& from spring events. We’d be lost without his support and without a doubt he deserves something like this!

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