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The Bar Method Vancouver: Grab Your Socks and Head to the Bar

The Bar Method Vancouver: Grab Your Socks and Head to the Bar

Guest post by Victoria Rigdon, Reviewer.

The Bar Method: Is it a Ballet class? Pilates? Yoga? Strength Training? Fat Burning? Dance? Intervals? Having just completed my first class at the new Yaletown location, I say – ALL that and more.

From the moment I arrived I was impressed.

Owner Carolyn Williams greeted every member by name as they walked into the studio; to be greeted by warm, friendly, knowledgeable staff was very inviting. The atmosphere and vibe is fresh, bright, clean and modern.

I instantly relaxed as I enjoyed a glass of cucumber water and some Aveda products in the locker room. The studio’s spa-like atmosphere made me forget for a moment that I was actually here to “work out”.

The first thing I noticed about the studio was the carpet. So soft and spongy underneath my stocking feet – it’s hard to feel intimidated in a cozy room with soft carpet and lighting. The class was full: 5:45 pm is their busiest time slot of the week. I had no problem finding street parking right out front when I arrived at 5:30 – and the meter is good for three hours.

The Bar Method really is for everyone; in my company were women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. This one-hour class featured a warm up, light free weight section, bar work (ballet style), mat work, stretch and cool down.

The music accompanied each segment perfectly and the transitions from the bar to the floor were fluid and seamless. Although I didn’t sweat the way you do in a cardio class; you shake! Ella, the teacher, would say: “Shaking is good!” or “Good shake!” throughout. So with my legs trembling, I felt the burn but saw the shake.

The instructors really are teachers – very hands on – correcting posture and positions. This class is an investment of your time and it’s very rewarding to know that you are maximizing your fitness impact within the hour.

This studio is flexible and open seven days a week with classes from six am to seven pm. You can reserve your class 14 days in advance online and also be added to a wait list last minute. Perfect for the busy, hectic lives of Vancouver moms. But if you’re looking for spontaneity, walk-ins are accepted too.

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The classes can also be catered for pregnant mamas – modifications are suggested as needed.

This class is transforming. Three days after a full-body conditioning class, I can still feel the effects. I am confident that regular participation in a class of this style can re-sculpt your body. Plus, working at the bar makes us all feel a little elegant – like prima ballerinas, if only for an hour a few times a week.

The Bar Method Vancouver

837 Beatty Street, Vancouver (Yaletown)
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Victoria Rigdon is a stay-at-home mom to her 11-month-old daughter and is loving every minute of it.

* Featured image credit – Rance Costa on Flickr

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