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Hiking with Kids: Quick Guide

Hiking with Kids: Quick Guide

Are you planning to go out hiking with kids this summer in Vancouver? If so, we have some quick tips and tricks to get you started.

Quick Guide to Hiking with Kids

Where to Go

hiking with kidsThe first question to answer when hiking with kids is just where to go. Michelle Carchrae has a number of suggestions, including Goldie Lake and Lighthouse Park. Read more here:
Kid Friendly Hikes in Metro Vancouver

Michelle doesn’t stop there. She has more suggestions for getting out in nature and hiking with kids, or just enjoying the great outdoors, in this article:
What to do in Vancouver: Finding Nature in the City

One more quick suggestion, recently shared by new contributor Claudia Laroye, is Lynn Canyon Park. Just a short drive away in North Vancouver you can enjoy hiking with kids, exploring the Ecology Centre, and more:
100 Mile Day Trips: Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver

Metro Vancouver has a lot of fabulous parks, which offer a lot of great programs including opportunities to get out hiking with kids. Find out more about those here:
Learn and Play at Metro Vancouver Parks

How to Get Started

Once you’ve chosen your destination, how do you get started hiking with kids? Read our tips here:
Introducing Your Child to Hiking

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When you’re doing anything with kids, choosing the right gear is essential. Hiking is no difference. Once again, Michelle Carchrae has lots of great info. Read it here:
Choose the Right Family Hiking Gear

Finally, make sure you don’t leave home without any essentials. Find out what we recommend packing:
Hiking with Kids: Five Things to Pack

Do you go hiking with kids? What are your suggestions for a successful outing?

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