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Vote “Yes” for Better Transit

Vote “Yes” for Better Transit

Confused about how to vote in the upcoming transit referendum?

The City of Vancouver is encouraging voters to tick  “Yes” when the 0.5 % transit tax ballot arrives at your home on March 16. You’ll be adding your voice to a positive transportation future for all of our families and our families’ families.  You can go now to and pledge your support.

See why they think we should all vote YES below.


We’re growing. A lot

One million more people will live in the region within 30 years, and the 0.5 % transit tax in Metro Vancouver is the fairest option to road, bridge and public transit users. And it’s less expensive that you think — 34 cents day for the average Vancouver household, and 14 cents for lower income families.

The investment will benefit everyone living in Vancouver and Metro Vancouver Region. For transit users within Vancouver, the investment will help fund the much-needed Millennium Line extension under Broadway, expand bus, NightBus and HandyDART services, add 5 new B-Lines and improve walking environments to get to transportation hubs as well as better cycling connections.

For drivers it will mean lighter and better commutes due to the maintaining and upgrading of the Major Road Network — including Broadway, Granville Street, Clark Drive/Knight Street, W Georgia Street and 41st Avenue. These improvements will keep people and goods moving, enhance safety and connect communities more efficiently. Drivers on some of our region’s busiest routes will save 15 to 20 minutes each day.

More lines and greater frequency in Vancouver

In Vancouver and UBC, 95% of the residents and jobs will be within the walking distance of the frequent transit network.

The extension of the Millennium Line from the existing VCC-Clark Station to Arbutus Street, tunneled along the Broadway corridor to serve the second largest employment centre in the province and unblock the region’s biggest transit bottleneck. Travelling from Commercial-Broadway to Arbutus will take half as much time.

SeaBus service will increase by 50% by running every 10 minutes during the peak periods, and the frequency and span of bus services for more reliable and extended service.  There will be 80% more NightBuses and increased service for those who need to get around late  (esp. downtown residents) at night helping people with a safe ride home from late night shifts, or a night on the town.

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To fund the plan, the Mayors’ Council proposed a 0.5% sales tax AKA The Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax to be collected with the PST to items purchased within the Metro Vancouver area.

Unlike some other taxes/fees, this tax has the real potential to save you money. The mayors’ plan will enable families to save an average of $360 per year by 2030, and $1,100 per year by 2045 as a result of having the opportunity to take transit—a more cost-effective travel choice—and waste less time and fuel stuck in traffic. Families who are able to forego a car, or give up a second car, would save $10,000 per year in annual vehicle operating expenses.

Vote “Yes” when the 0.5 % transit tax ballot arrives at your home on March 16! Go now to and pledge your support.


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