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Talking Beauty with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Derrick Rutledge

Talking Beauty with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Derrick Rutledge

Sometimes, when opportunity knocks, you don’t recognize it. That’s what happened when Derrick Rutledge was called to audition as Michelle Obama’s makeup artist. The US First Lady was looking for someone based in Washington, DC to help her look her best. “I was literally driving and I got a call from her personal assistant asking me if I could come in and test. I didn’t believe who it was. I started getting a call from a weird number. I didn’t answer.” Eventually, the friend who had passed on his name got in touch and asked him why he wasn’t picking up his phone. He answered and Mrs. Obama loved his work. He says, “I was there for literally 18 months straight.”

Oprah Winfrey and Derrick Rutledge

None other than Oprah Winfrey took note of Derrick’s work. He shares, “Oprah loved how I transformed the First Lady, and she wanted to audition me as well. I was balancing between the two of them.” He says that Oprah always deferred to Mrs. Obama, however, giving her first dibs. Derrick was meant to be here in Vancouver when Oprah visited the week before last, but emergency hip surgery kept him grounded. When we chatted, he confirmed that he was recovering well, but still sticking close to home.

Launching OOH Lifestyle
sandra lesueur OOH Lifestyle Derrick Rutledge
Sandra Lesueur

Derrick knows a lot about helping people look their best. Now he’s launching his own line of hair and skincare products, OOH Lifestyle. He’s starting with hair, for purely practical reasons. As he points out, “If you think of my foundation, there are 24 colours.” The hair care products, on the other hand, can be used by everyone. Derrick and his team are taking a Naturalceutical™ approach, incorporating essential oils that penetrate your skin and have whole-body benefits. Vancouver mom of two teenage children, Sandra Lesueur is launching OOH Lifestyle across Canada this month. Following the rollout of the hair care line, they’ll be launching makeup, skincare, body care and baby care. You’ll be able to find the products soon at salons and beauty suppliers across Canada.

Beauty Tips from Derrick Rutledge

Unfortunately, like most Vancouver moms, you probably don’t have access to a superstar makeup artist like Derrick Rutledge to make sure you’re camera-ready. With limited time, how can you make sure you’re looking your best? We asked Derrick for his tips. He shares, “With the makeup, I always recommend a very good moisturizer around the eyes, followed up with a very heavy moisturizer at night. When you put it on at night before you go to bed, you don’t have to put as much on. The most essential thing your skin lacks is moisture.”

Once you’re well-moisturized, Derrick says to apply a light layer of liquid foundation. He suggests using one drop the size of a pea. Having a nice brow is essential, because that helps frame your face. Then eyeliner, mascara, and a complementing lip colour. It should only take you a few minutes, which is important when you’re a busy mom. But by taking those few minutes to take care of yourself you’ll feel better, and that will make you look better, too.

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