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Summer in Vancouver: Grilling for Everyone

Summer in Vancouver: Grilling for Everyone

The grill is often thought of as purely male territory, but we disagree. There’s more than one way to work a barbeque – in fact, it may just be the ultimate summer equalizer. We recently connected with the folks at Whole Foods Market for tips on how to make space for everyone’s preferences this summer in Vancouver.

Grilling Recipesgrilling

The first thing you need to know when you’re grilling is what your style is. Do you prefer to barbeque a big hunk of meat, or are fruit and veggies more your style? What about pizza or tacos? To help you get started, Whole Foods has some recipes you can refer to. Here are just a few:

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Tips from the Chef

Hungry yet? Once you’ve decided what you’re looking to grill, here Whole Foods’ global chef Derek Sarno has specific grilling tips:

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  • Peaches—A summer sweet treat that are great on the grill with some brown sugar and cinnamon
  • Melons—Juicy and ripe with no soft spots or bruising, melons are wonderful for eating right off the rind and are great on the grill to balance a savory meat or vegetable
  • Corn—A summertime favorite! Cut it off the cob to enjoy fresh in a salad, or grill for intense flavor
  • Boneless Pork Chops—Add your favorite marinade or rub to a juicy pork chop to create wonderful flavours

In the end, though, you’ve just got to get out and get grilling. Learn what works and what doesn’t – and find out what your kids enjoy and what they don’t. In no time at all you’ll find some family favourites that you can make and enjoy every bit as much as the old standbys.

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Are you a grilling pro? What’s your favourite thing to throw on the barbeque?

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