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30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers: Kevin Hume of Kevin Hume Designs

30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers: Kevin Hume of Kevin Hume Designs

Yesterday, we kicked off our list of 30 Essential Jewellery Designers. It’s not too late to nominate your favourite jewellery designer.

Today we’d like you to meet Kevin Hume of Kevin Hume Designs. Kevin is a Vancouver goldsmith and gemmologist who works with each of his clients to build bespoke jewellery. Megan from Ilus Elu nominated Kevin and characterized Kevin’s work as “stunning.” We can’t help but agree.

Why did you get into jewellery design?

I was preparing to become a PE teacher when I learned about a Jewellery Art & Design program.  I had always really loved the potential of metal, and so I applied for the program.  I also really loved jewels and gems, and so I became a gemmologist.  I am still passionate about education, and visit high schools to talk about alternative careers in jewellery and am a big supporter of Arts Umbrella.

Tell us a bit about your company.

I work out of a private studio in Vancouver.  I do not carry a line of jewellery – rather I build exclusively custom work for my clients.  This allows my clients to participate in the creative process and build their story and character into their piece.  I am very fortunate that I get to build relationships with the people who wear my jewellery!


How would your characterize your style?

My work is very clean.  It is contemporary, but not trendy.  Exceptional quality is very important to me.

Who are your clients?

I have a wide range of clients, but they are usually celebrating!  Investing in jewellery often comes with marking a milestone or celebrating a relationship.  This is one of the best parts of my job.


What do you think Moms should know about your jewellery?

We live in a pretty disposable culture, with a very high turnover of “stuff” in our lives.  I want my clients to have the opportunity to think about the family legacy of their jewellery.  My work is built with the idea that it is to take on heirloom status in the future, and will be passed on to the children of its owners.


Where can people buy your jewellery?

I work by appointment only.  Once my clients contact me, we meet in my home in Gastown to begin the design and consultation process!  I get to learn about why they are looking for jewellery and what their inspirations are, before I begin drafting their designs.

Kevin Hume Designs | Twitter: @kevinhume | 778-389-5083

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