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Six fashion tips for function, comfort and style

Six fashion tips for function, comfort and style

Motherhood wreaks havoc on a woman’s body. From pregnancy to breastfeeding to finishing toddlers’ toast crusts while they wipe sticky fingers on your shirt, it’s difficult to feel comfortable, let alone stylish. Fashionista and stylist to the stars Sarah Darcy shared some tips for Moms wanting to fuse style and function but most of all feel comfortable and confident about their wardrobe. 

My overarching takeaway from our conversation is that, although not easy, it’s possible to look and feel good at any part of the postpartum journey. Sometimes body shape is forever changed and as your (my!) body lives the journey of motherhood, baby weight has turned to body weight! Here is Sarah’s advice for starting now and being stylish in the present!   

How to rock your own unique style as a Mom from a style pro

1. Create your YOU-niform

Time is precious ,and there is never enough left over for Mom. Creating a daily uniform – think Karl Lagerfeld and Steve Jobs – makes getting dressed in the morning simple. Having a wardrobe template will simplify your morning routine, reduce stress and decision fatigue and save your energy for things that really matter. Having 10-15 core pieces to mix and match makes your wardrobe foolproof. 

2. Comfort reigns supreme

Being comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look polished and put together. Think ath-leisure style clothing, stretch denim, shirt dresses, leggings and stylish button-down shirts. Cool sneakers, chic flats or cute boots tie an outfit together and a simple accessory can make you feel ready for the day. 

3. Focus on fit and feel

The number on the tag should not define how you feel about yourself or stop you from trying something on. I have helped many clients that firmly believe they are a certain size to ditch that belief and try on pieces both sized up and down to achieve the right look and fit. When shopping, look at options that can grow with your body. There’s a delicate balance between where you are and where you might want to be so having pieces that will work now and as your body changes is valuable and allows you to invest in key pieces. Also, look for fabrics that breathe and won’t make you too hot as you move around chasing little ones or rushing for school pick-up. 

4. Tote it around

A chic tote is essential for every mom on the go. If you are a new mom a tote makes for a great diaper bag alternative. Throw in all your child’s (and your) essentials, and you’re set. Having a bag that feels like “you” is a nice reminder on the passenger’s seat as you rush around, that you’ve still got style. 

5. Flatter your best features  

Many Moms think they have to wear baggy clothes to look slimmer but in reality, dressing frumpy adds pounds. Find pieces that flatter your best feature and accentuate the smallest parts like your collar bones and neck. Clothes don’t need to be form fitting but should define your curves. Try not to worry about those numbers on the scale. They do not define you! 

6. Look at the (care) label

While not looking into the size label, I do recommend you look at the care and washing label. Before you invest in any staple pieces know how you plan to care for them. Realistically you’re not going to dry clean, handwash or even iron every time so be realistic about the effort you have for clothing care. 

Sarah Darcy styles many local celebrities in addition to offering private styling appointments. Her Facebook group ‘Fewer Better Things’ offers free resources for fusing function and style through core pieces and smart fashion.

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