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Decompress at Posh Digits Nail Salon

Decompress at Posh Digits Nail Salon

I barely have time to paint my nails, let alone give them that recommended 45 minutes to cure. As soon as the paint job is done one finger gets smudged while helping my children or doing a household chore. Vancouver moms, there is a solution to this perplexing problem! It’s time to treat your self to a gel manicure at Posh Digits.

Posh Digits and I go back two years to a Swimco event where the owner, Mayra Dominguez, gave me a standard manicure and we chatted about her new salon opening on 4th and Stephens. For over a year I forgot to stop in for a visit until at Easter time I spotted a barista with cute little bunnies on her perfectly shaped nails. It turned out Posh Digits was the artiste. Once the summer hit, I decided it was time to beautify my nails as an accessory to flirty dresses and sun kissed skin.

 The Cure For A Messy Manicure

posh digitsPosh Digits is tastefully decorated with comfortable seating and the absence of blinding white lights and loud music that you find at some salons. Dominguez told me that coming to her salon is supposed to be a chance to decompress, the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of motherhood. To get a full gel manicure with extensions takes up to two hours, which is the ideal length for a mommy time out. I went for long, round extensions, painted with white shellac and finished off with silver sparkles. Dominguez applied layer after layer of clear coats to make the extensions look natural and the end result was perfectly posh nails.

 All In The Family

Dominguez didn’t wake up one day and suddenly decide to open a nail salon. From Puerto Vallerta originally, her sisters own nail salons throughout the tourist destination. In fact many of her clients visit her sisters’ salons while on vacation. She trained as an aesthetician in Puerto Vallerta and Vancouver and decided that doing nails was her favorite beautifying trade.

 Time Will Tell

I was concerned that my nails wouldn’t last longer than a week but two weeks later and they were still looking freshly painted. This was after countless play dates in the sand, a thousand dirty dishes and diaper changes. Having coiffed nails made me feel more put together as a whole.

Getting a gel manicure can be expensive ($80 for a full gel set), especially if you make it a habit, but I decided that a gel manicure for the summer was an ideal accessory. The gels needs to be filled every three weeks ($60), so in the Summer months that would call for at least a couple visits to the salon to keep your nails looking fresh.

Posh Digits

2026 Stephens Street, Vancouver, 604-736-6245

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