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Vancouver Mom Diana Todd on Wellness and Personal Training

Vancouver Mom Diana Todd on Wellness and Personal Training

If you’d like to work out more, but you struggle to find the time, you’re not alone. Many Vancouver moms find that their own health and wellness ends up on the back burner. We just have too many other things competing for our time. We recently connected with personal trainer and group fitness instructor Diana Todd to get her take. Diana is also a Vancouver mom of a six-year-old boy, and she works with Mike Castilloux of Executive Lifestyles. Is personal training really practical for moms?

Don’t Lose Hope

personal training diana todd“My biggest word of advice to moms is don’t lose hope. I was 210 pounds when I started to do my weight loss journey. It can happen if you want it bad enough. It doesn’t take an hour a day. 20 minutes is better than no minutes,” says Diana. She made her turn-around after becoming a mom. She shares, “How I found the time was, originally, I had to start waking up earlier. I was working downtown in an office job. I worked 9-5, I had to do the daycare commute and what-not. I got up earlier, and I worked out from home.”

Initially, Diana couldn’t afford to pay for personal training. She took the classes to become a personal trainer, instead. That was three years ago, and along the way she’s gained a lot of insight and experience. We asked her about choosing a personal trainer, and she said, “What I always suggest to people who are looking to have a personal trainer, is does that trainer have something that you aspire to be? Do I want to pair up with some guy who’s hard-core? No, I’m emotional, I’ll cry if you yell at me.” She suggests looking for someone who’s been there, done that, and can understand your struggle.

Personal Training or Group Classes?

But is personal training for you, or would a group class work better? Diana cautions against jumping right into a class, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while. You don’t want to injure yourself. She recommends a mix of group classes and personal training. The classes offer good energy, and a chance to get out and meet people, while personal training allows you to focus on your own development. A good mix is one or two sessions of each each week, around your schedule.

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This is all well and good, but is it actually manageable and realistic for a busy mom? As Diana said, it’s about working with the time that you have. Mike Castilloux, owner of Executive Lifestyles, expands on that by saying, “We can help create a fitter you. Whatever your goals, whatever your budget, Executive Lifestyles is the place to start working toward a healthier you.”

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