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Father’s Day in Vancouver: Pampering Dad

Father’s Day in Vancouver: Pampering Dad

Every year around Mother’s Day, spa advertising picks up a little steam, as the airwaves are filled with suggestions for pampering Mom on her special day. We live in a brave, new world now, and the spa is no longer the exclusive domain of women. With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’d like to make the case for pampering Dad. If your sweetie could use a little rest and relaxation, why not treat him to something special this year?

Pampering Dad on Father’s Day or Anytime

It’s becoming more and more common for men to visit spas. In fact, many local Vancouver spas have treatments geared specifically towards male clients. From manicures to facials to massages, we could all use a chance to escape and rejuvenate. If you’ll be pampering Dad this Father’s Day, though, you’ll want to take the time to think about what he would like. A full-day experience might be a little much for a newbie, and not every guy is up for having his nails buffed. We’ve done some research, to track down some popular options for pampering Dad on Father’s Day or any day.

Everyone Loves a Massage

Everyone loves a massage – especially parents. When you spend a lot of time carrying kids around, or serving as a jungle gym to a toddler, your muscles pay the price. There are all sorts of health benefits that come with a good massage, too, from reducing stress and anxiety to helping recover after an intense workout. That’s why a massage tops our list of options for pampering Dad. If you want to accompany your partner you can go for a couples massage at a local spa. Or, if a spa isn’t your guy’s cup of tea, find a registered massage therapist. You can even take a class yourself so that you can give a better massage on Father’s Day or any day.

Steam Rooms and Hot Poolspampering dad father's day

Another great option for pampering Dad is to give him the option to escape to a steam room or hot pool for a little while. This is a chance for your guy to escape and enjoy a little bit of quiet relaxation. Steam rooms and saunas help relax tired muscles, and can be found in lots of places, including gyms. Hot pools – and especially mineral pools – are said to have a host of health benefits and also provide a healthy dose of relaxation.

Sensory Deprivation Tank

If a steam room or hot pool just isn’t quiet enough for your guy, you might want to treat him to some time in a sensory deprivation tank. These are dark, sound-free pods where you float in room temperature salt water. Spending time in one of these tanks is reported to help with stress, anxiety and pain, among other things. There are a number of businesses offering these tanks in Vancouver.


We all want to look good, regardless of gender. A facial is a great way to perk up your skin and experience a little bit of downtime. Like many other spa treatments, there are more and more facials specifically targeted towards men. If you’re looking for a faster, lower-cost option for pampering Dad, a facial may be just what the doctor ordered this Father’s Day.

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